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puzhehei emergency

AlexKMG (2385 posts) • 0

Guizhou is changing very fast. Any guidebook is already out of date. I still like Guizhou, but it's becoming hard to find a minority village which is not already tourist redeveloped or in the process of being.

Sarah1988 (22 posts) • 0

You are right. Places in China are changing very fast, but the article was published in end of March and we went there 6 weeks later and before peak season
Sure, you cannot do anything about the Chinese tourists who completly ruined the trip. That was the worst experience ever, because we felt like an animal in a Chinese zoo. You are trapped in a boat, when people used buckets for water splashing. You go somewhere and people use every excuse to touch you and take photos of you. That's very demeaning and disrespectful. As I said before, I experienced things like that before but that was extreme. I dont understand why some people here even gloat about that they had even worse experience.

The article itself gives you a wrong impression about Puzhehei, so you end up being really disappointed. I dont think a place can change within 6 weeks.
@Alex, yes I already wrote a comment under the article

yankee00 (1632 posts) • 0

I remember meeting someone from Swedish stock called Marquerite while in Spain. Thought it wasn't common, but apparently, just like Margaret, it's actually also an odd-sounding variation of Marguerite.

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