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Forums > Living in Kunming > Visa extension requirements for Kunming.

Hello everyone,

I'm currently on a students residence permit issued by my university. I would like to extend it for 1 month.
Is it possible? Where do I need to go? What documents do I need?

Thanks very much for your help!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > puzhehei emergency

You are right. Places in China are changing very fast, but the article was published in end of March and we went there 6 weeks later and before peak season
Sure, you cannot do anything about the Chinese tourists who completly ruined the trip. That was the worst experience ever, because we felt like an animal in a Chinese zoo. You are trapped in a boat, when people used buckets for water splashing. You go somewhere and people use every excuse to touch you and take photos of you. That's very demeaning and disrespectful. As I said before, I experienced things like that before but that was extreme. I dont understand why some people here even gloat about that they had even worse experience.

The article itself gives you a wrong impression about Puzhehei, so you end up being really disappointed. I dont think a place can change within 6 weeks.
@Alex, yes I already wrote a comment under the article

Forums > Travel Yunnan > puzhehei emergency

@Elisa: Yes, Im not American, not even an English native speaker ;-)
About sueing the article writer, it shouldnt be taken literally, the letter of complaint yes. In 4 years being in China in different places, that was the worst experience ever! It wasnt just a 'bad' time!
Between the place described in the article and puzhehei in reality is a huuuuuge difference! It's not nice, when people go there just because of the article.
And thanks very much Elisa for your sympathy. That trip just ruinied our whole weekend and gave us a horrible lasting impression of Chinese people/tourists plus the money and precious time.
I went to different places mentioned in gokunming articles, most of them were fine. But next time for sure I will be more careful when deciding on where to spend my long weekend.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > puzhehei emergency

After reading the gokunming article my boyfriend and I went to Puzhehei last month. It was the worst trip in our lives. We, two light blond Europeans, caught the attention of those newly rich and they hunted us down like witches in medieval times. Everywhere we went people, were constantly taking photos of us, every couple of minutes!

You can go on a boat tour and choose from 4 different routes or so. If you look like us, DONT DO IT! We told the lady rowing our boat, that we want to enjoy the scenery and take photos. Thats why we took our cameras with us and dont want to have any water splashing. Some Chinese people were doing the same! So every time another boat was approaching us the lady told the other boat, that we have cameras and dont want water splashing. NOBODY GAVE A S****! We paid ridiciously 200kuai for one entrance ticket indl. the boat ride, but we couldnt take any photos and they almost broke our cameras! Because of the other Chinese guests! And imagine you are trapped on the boat, you cannot leave. So in the end, after being terrorized for 1 hour we told the lady to take us to the bank, so that we could get off the boat. We didnt care that the trip wasnt officialy over.
THEY TOOK US AS SOME PART OF THEIR AMUSEMENT IN PUZHEIHEI LAND! They had this " I paid for it, so I want fun" attitude.
We stayed in a hotel in a village next to Puzhehei, something like Double Dragon something something. We really enjoyed it there. Nice, calm, no Chinese tourists, farmers working on their rice fields. The owner of the hostel was really nice and the things he told us, had nothing to do with the gokunming article.
Different minorities live around the lakes, but there dont wear their traditional clothes. There is a fake minority village as part of Puzhehei. Puzhehei is super expensive and you dont get anything for it. The prices for renting a bycicle are ridicilous. Except for disgusting Chinese tourists! And even for Chinese standarts that is unsocial!

The gokunming article gives to the impression that Puzhehei is a laid back, calm and peaceful, little village. IT'S NOT! It's Disneyland with KTVs and hordes of Chinese newly rich rocked the place. So my kind advice:


We just went back to Kunming. Best decision ever! We were honestly thinking of writing letter of complaints to the author of the article and sue him!


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We went to Puzhehei first week of May and stayed in a hotel in a village nearby. I think the name was Double Dragon Bridge Village or something. The owner was very nice and helpful. We paid 80 yuan per day including two meals. The scenery in Double Dragon Bridge Village is beautiful and the place is calm. The water is crystal clear and you can see the farmers working in their rice paddies.
BUT: the entrance ticket for Puzhehei costs 200yuan (boat ride + 4caves). They offer 4or5 different routes. On the boat you can 'enjoy' water splashing. Well, they have buckets. So make sure you dont take anything with you on board that cant take buckets of water as the Chinese tourists there are just lusting for entertainment and dont care whether you have cameras with you or not.

Puzhehei itself, which consists of mainly hotels and shops, is very touristy and gives you some kind of Disneyland impression. The hotels there are very expensive as well as the food and anything else you would like to buy eg. mosquito repellent. For entertainment you can go to KTV, a fire show (40kuai) or be inside those big plastic balls on one of the lakes with very loud music. There are lots of minorities living around the lakes, but none of them wears their traditional clothes as the hotel owner told us. I didnt see anyone either. In one part of Puzhehei there is a fake little minorty village though. Renting a bycicle costs 25 yuan per hour. You can hire a horse cart for 80kuai per hour. There is a little plum farm between Puzhehei and the village we stayed in. You can pick plums there. But you need a bycicle or something else to get there. In beginning of May there were already

a lot of coaches arriving trying to make it's way through the crowds of tourists.

SO, my conclusion: If you are looking for a peaceful, calm, laid back village, where you can also see some minorities... Dont go there. Spending so much time on transport isnt worth the place at all.

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