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Entire pig/goat roast revived.

tommann (423 posts) • 0

The topic about getting a group of people together to go to one of these places that slaughters and roasts an entire pig or goat sort of fell by the wayside. I am still interested in doing this, though. If anyone could do the research and find such a place, I am confident that I could find enough people to go. Thanks!

Nagam (11 posts) • 0

@tommann... Will do the research for you... Couple of questions - 1. I take it pig is preferable as goat is an acquired taste? 2. How would we split the cost, evenly or amount consumed? 3. Liquor BYO or get on site? 4. How would we handle the vegetarian friends? 5. Do we want to be there for the killing ceremony, maybe poke with sharp sticks before it meets its maker?

P.S. would you like to come around to do your ironing also?

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

Everyone should come & watch the animal killed. Education is not all in your head. Vegetarians may abstain.

tommann (423 posts) • 0


1. I prefer goat, but if most people would prefer pig, then yes, let's go with that.

2. I say we split the cost evenly. If someone eats less, they can take some home with them, or if someone consume outrageous amounts, that person can offer to pay more I think.

3. Liquor I think depends on the place. I would imagine we can buy beer from them.

4. As for vegetarians, while I would be very happy for them to join us, I am not sure that it would be their best choice in activity, as the focus is meat. But maybe we can ask the place if they can prepare some vegetable dishes?

5. Since I would like to photo-document the experience for my food blog, then I would personally like to be there for all stages, including the slaughter.

6. I would love for you to do my ironing, and if you do not mind, could you wash my scooter?

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