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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Help from the Gokunming crew!

not really a visa run ...like a week vacation. its too cold in Mongolia that time of year. cheapest i could find so far was about 1600 to Malaysia.

Just trying to see if i can find a super cheap ticket

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Help from the Gokunming crew!

I am trying to find the cheapest plane ticket !!

Beijing .....to...anywhere out side of china


nov13 to nov20

If anyone knows of a cheap international ticket for these dates, or a website with cool deals. Let me know! the cheapest i have found was 1700rmb.

Thanks in advance!


No results found.


Was here today, just had the beer and it was great! Not the best i have had...but for Kunming, i am super happy to have this place!
The directions are a little wrong, First drive through the red gate (pictured) THEN drive over the bridge(over the highway) then when you come to the T take a right...go straight until you see a sign!

I asked and no reefer goes in the brew! haha although there is a couple plants on the grounds!



Great service! Ordered a burger and fries from o'reilys ..got the food with in 30-40mins, hot and nice!
The burger tasted great as per normal...but the fries don't travel well ...no ones fault, (had the fries in the pub and they are good) But if anyone cares about my opinion...maybe a bag of chips or a salad instead of the fries, when having the food delivered is the way to go..


Ate here twice now. Food was not impressive,pizza, pasta and sandwich fell short....was ready to write it off but i took some of the baked bread home (buns) to make burgers. They were awesome !! really good ! would go back for bakery items again for sure!


taco night is a lie ....they charge 15 not 13 and no free tequila !! IMO only worth 3rmb..

all came on one plate in a greasy pile!

bummed because i really wanted to like this place ...but not up to Mexican street standard yet alone the high class vibe the present! I wrote a longer review but it got cancelled when i tried to add more comments


This is a place where i was let down ...While the price is great ...even super cheap on the half price day...The pizza itself was like something you would get at a 7-11. While drunk in a last ditch effort to soak up some booze before you pass out. The cheese was the main offender! Service was friendly if not helpful...really was not going to come from behind the counter unless He really had to!