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Chinese new year! Which bars Will stay open?

davidlee (3 posts) • 0

Ok, so as its new year, Which bars are staying open? I heard the Moondog is staying open everyday!? I hope so, as it is the number one bar in kunming! Anyone know if they are having a new years party?

scally (127 posts) • 0

Later this week GoKunming will post a list compiling which bars, cafes and restaurants are changing their hours or staying open during Spring Festival.

Fried (24 posts) • 0

Yes, The Moondog will open everyday through the spring festival, we will have every day a Live Music and a Single Malt Whisky special. Hurry up GoKunming, lot`s of places are already closed but nothing posted on GoKunming yet!

JingWei (30 posts) • 0

We are staying open at the game cafe, everyday, from 12 to 12, and we serve food. We have no special event planned for chinese new year.

Have a nice ne year

sanyiseul (104 posts) • 0

GoKunming is extremly late this year. If I would not have called the places I like I still would not know if they are open or closed.

Great to see the Moondog will be open every day. See you there!

tallamerican (396 posts) • 0

@scally, so are you going to wait until Spring Festival is over before you publish your list of what is open and closed. It seems many of places that are closing for Festival closed yesterday or today. I ran into one owner who was surprised GoKunming had not published the list yet.

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