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VPN services, which one?!

Call of Duty (38 posts) • 0

any reliable VPN services for KM? anyone here uses VPN to stay in touch with family and friends?

be great if i can get on FB and You*tube when in the red country

extra points for VPN access on iphone4...gotta keep my FB mobile updates rolling

many thx


blobbles (958 posts) • 0

Astrills good, has got iPhone support too... I find it quick, fairly reliable and has about a million servers you can easily switch between.

bosnianXCII (36 posts) • 0

I use my VPN for gaming, fixmylag.com, it says it has support for iphone if its jail broken but i've found it to be manageable for online gaming which says quite alot

Hagakure (19 posts) • 0

Paying proxys are good but not reliable.
I used to pay 5 Euro for VPNTunnel dot se a month but speed was so slow.
The cheapeast is yesvpn.com, 10 RMB a month or 45 for 6 months.
With alipay account is of course the cheapest way to pay them.

joshwa (67 posts) • 0

I've been using AceVPN for a while. If you pay for the Ultimate plan you can do P2P over the VPN, too.

Fast, iphone support, only need one account for as many devices as you want.

Has servers in many countries, including US and UK so you can use Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc.

geosax (14 posts) • 0

Astrill is working pretty well for me. Good help desk service and faster than when not on Astrill (although if the connection to your building is slow like mine, there's not much you can do about it). Can access FB, youtube & otherwise blocked websites. $5.83/month for year subscription.

bluppfisk (398 posts) • 0

fixmylag sounds promising. It must be really fast then, also for intiating new connections? How does the smartphone support work? Do you need extra software to use it or can you just use any VPN-software to access the service? I.e. Can I use it on my android-phone without additional software?

johnnyfreud786 (4 posts) • 0

Well, I am using vpn choice connection for running my internet connection. They provide different types of plans in which I can even hide my identity and they support in all operating system with same speed. Best vpn work with More than 7000 internet protocol address and 160 servers connected through this channel and speed is same. It also work in iphone without getting in notice..You can try it.

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