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I use bestvpn connection for my home base work they have more than 7000 internet protocol address and 160 servers. If you have vpn connection on large no. of server than you don't need to compromise with speed. I know a vpn provider www.bestvpnconnection.com/android-vpn/ who is trustworthy you can choose plans from there.

Forums > Living in Kunming > free VPN (Proxy) for mac

I have tried using so many free vpn connections I came to know that they are worthless, when you will use their services than you will find out by yourself. I am using strong and best vpn connection which connects me through 160 servers with the same speed; even I can increase my speed. You can take any reliable and fast vpn provider service in less than 10$ per month.

Forums > Living in Kunming > VPN services, which one?!

Well, I am using vpn choice connection for running my internet connection. They provide different types of plans in which I can even hide my identity and they support in all operating system with same speed. Best vpn work with More than 7000 internet protocol address and 160 servers connected through this channel and speed is same. It also work in iphone without getting in notice..You can try it.

Forums > Living in Kunming > good VPN service?

Well, after reviewing so many sites for vpn connection I came to know about this company which gives special facilities to their customer like hiding their identity and more than 7000 internet protocol address on 163 servers. I trusted this company www.bestvpnconnection.com/ and they really did a good job, totally recommend it without any hesitation you can use their best vpn services for home or business network.


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