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Wanted VPN

sallysally (8 posts) • 0

Anybody recommend a good VPN?
Cheap or free
You can PM me if you prefer, may be better if thread gets pulled.

EncryptedEncrypted (114 posts) • 0

I use ExpressVPN. It's around 100 and something (190?) a year.

For me it works perfect. If you have a problem they are very helpful and with very fast reply.

I use it in Mac and PC.

I know people who use Witopia. It's cheaper and they say it works very good. I tried it but I prefer ExpressVPN.

EncryptedEncrypted (114 posts) • 0

Sorry, ExpressVPN is not 190 but 120$ for 12 months.

I tried Hotspot shield but I cannot get it connected.

mailman (48 posts) • 0

hspot first took approx 1 hour to connect, and then it always connected within half a minute. a friend of mine was unable to do it, though...

my internet provider is AiPu

rejected_goods (337 posts) • 0

credit to a frequent contributor of this forum called greg who mentioned 12vpn on another thread regarding vpn, i switched to 12vpn. that costs me 39 buck a year. it has been good since i started using it 3 month back. the beauty of 12vpn is, it allows two simutaneuous connection - one for the computer and one for an iphone or any supported mobile phone device, very convenient.

disclosure: i do not work for 12vpn..... :-)

bucko (690 posts) • 0

can't use most pptp vpn's now. China is blocking. Make sure you go with SSL/pptp vpn or you waste your money. I use Witopia for several years. Great support and working fine. Use on iPhone as well.

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