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rogella (7 posts) • 0

hi all,
our institution offers a job position as foreign English teacher for Spring/Summer semester (Feb. - July) next year.

Treatment & Welfare (paid in CNY):
1. Free apartment: an appr. 70㎡ flat equiped with furniture and necessary appliances like microwave oven, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.

2. Salary: 3200 up (depends on education backgroud and work experience). One paid holiday (Summer/Winter holiday).
3. Food subsidy, Travel subsidy, and bonus for contract fulfillment.

Basic Requirement:
1. Bachelor's Degree or above.
2. Citizen of English speaking countries.
3. Condidate with TESOL certificate will be givin prior consideration.
4. Be able to teach 14 periods per week (a period will be 50 minutes).

If you are interested, please send your CV to rogella1031@yahoo.com.cn before 31st Oct.

nnoble (889 posts) • 0

There is a 'classified' section but you must admit it is more fun if these, often vague, adverts are dumped here.

Why are these 'institutions' always so vague and what are they trying to hide by being vague:

1. Too ashamed to mention the name of the institution and if so why?
2. A contract is offered but:

Do you offer a visa?
Are you employing a teacher legally?
Is your 'institute' registered and legal?
If it isn't then the teacher could breach their visa rules by working for such an institute.
3. What age are the students?
4. How many students in each class?
5. What level are the students?
6. Do the students have a clear purpose for learning English?
7. Is the school simply a dumping area for pushy parents?

For new 'teachers' to Kunming there's a lot to be aware of here in the rather anarchic market place for teachers and students.

A good, bona fide school should be happy to post a detailed and informative advertisement for well qualified staff. Such an advert also serves to assure students they are in good hands.

rogella (7 posts) • 0

Hey guys, I'm sorry to let you have such insecured feeling about this post. My college is definitely a "legal" one and we will not just help about the visa but also about the "Foreign Teacher Certificate" issued by the Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.
I can't tell others' reason for not identifying their "institution' name". But for me, it's just a reason about online-security. It's somewhat awkward for me to detail everything on such an open forum. Please kindly understand that. And for anyone interested, I would like to answer your questions through email.
Here are some answers to your questions:
1. Prospective students : First/Second year undergraduate students(I think this answers Q3 & 5 & 6);
2. Class Size: 50
3. College location: Downtown Kunming (but not CBD~).
4. Salary in RMB (Yuan).
And, an interview will be arranged for you before final decision. By then, we will also be glad to show you arroud campus and apartment.

nnoble (889 posts) • 0

Theoretically questions 5 and 6 should be answered by stating they are 50 undergraduates, however, English levels in a class of 50 can vary from the infamous 'helloooo' to something approaching native speaker level.

Likewise, motivation to learn, or simply attend a class, can range from 'need a mark' to needing an international qualification - commonly all lumped into one class.

Unless your students are streamed or selected, the English 'teacher' is merely there to enable the university to 'tick a box'. A teacher can achieve truly great things with a motivated class of 15. Possibly the only thing most students in a class of 50 will learn is that their foreign teacher is desperate for a job - however pointless. Unless you offer a truly unique situation? If you do then why not boast about it? A job advertisement can also be a marketing opportunity.

rogella (7 posts) • 0

I know it's not a easy job to teach in a classroom crowded with 50 students. But unless you are teaching English major students, or the class size is usually supposed to be 40-50 in colleges. Anyway, now we are considering to "downsize" some to 25 - 30.

Unfortunately and predicably, the English levels in a class do vary from "Fine thank you and you" to Band 6 level (if you have taught English in China then you might know what I mean). So honestly, there is really nothing to boast about because our students are quite the same as other college undergraduates.

P.S.: about "Online Security", it's just my personal reason and has nothing to do with this forum or my workplace or anything else.

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