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Traveling to Ruili

WendyF (3 posts) • 0

Anyone want to go to Ruili for the Munao festival Feb. 21st?
Or, can anyone recommend a hotel in Ruili?

WendyF (3 posts) • 0

Also, if you're native Chinese and knowledgable about Ruili, I could hire you as a guide-pay for your traveling, hotel, food and some extra for your services.

smilingapril (6 posts) • 0

I am local. I used to be tour guide so that I know this place and the Jinpo ethnic. If you are interesting please contact me. I think it is better to have a conversation before you go to Ruili.
my email address: smilingapril2@gmail.com

ewinkz (8 posts) • 0

Are there any direct buses (Sleeper or day buses) leaving from Kunming West Bus Station? Does it necessary to purchase the ticket in advanced?

no way (104 posts) • 0

i'm pretty sure there are direct buses from the west station.
if not, you can get a bus to dehong (德宏),then transfer.
i recently sent a friend off that way, no advance purchase
needed. city bus #80 will get you to the west station.

ewinkz (8 posts) • 0

Thanks. Do you have some scheduled times of buses? So that I can go ahead of time. Really appreciated.

DanTheMan (614 posts) • 0

There are 29 buses per day to Ruili between 8:30am and 9pm. There's likely a break in the afternoon after which sleeper buses start: www.km-ky.com/2010/0208/111.html

I usually go over to the bus station several days ahead of time to buy tickets. I hear there're agents who can book for you and even arrange for departures from nearer to the city center, but I've never tried such a service.

matjaz (12 posts) • 0

Any update on traveling to Ruili? I would like to go there in the next days. Any information would be appreciated.

patonie (2 posts) • 0

hi,my gf shes a ruili native, currently shes there.if u like i can connect u with her,she knows best places to visit over there.i personally went there great pple,great food,and hotels are cheap.you can get a direct bus to ruili from west station,from 8 pm then get there the following morning 8am if bus is abit slow.intrested call me 15198889251.

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