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Traveling to Ruili

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Just seven reported today. A total of 38. Plus 21 asymptomatic cases reported separately (despite endowing qualities of transmissibility and could turn symptomatic at any given moment... accounts evident from global learning curve data acquired for a year and a half)

Illegal border crossings have always been a longstanding problem near Ruili. Border wired fences were set up late last year to safeguard illegal passages outside the official checkpoints. However, covering all the weak links would present a challenge given the Ruili-Myanmar border stretching 170 km.

With an estimated 210K permanent residents, according to an article published by Global Times, "Ruili is the China-Myanmar port with the largest flow of people, vehicles and goods. In 2019, Ruili's checkpoints cleared a total of 20.63 million passenger trips, accounting for almost half of the inbound and outbound traffic in Yunnan Province."


That is consistent with the census data showing Yunnan as the province harboring second most foreigners after Guangzhou.

One would assume the illegal influx in 2020, extending into this year, would rise due to the ongoing political unrest on the other side. Explains the spike there, as well as the necessity to rollout inoculation for foreigners in Yunnan. To be officially commenced in four days.

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