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Introduce a high quality institution for study mandarin chinese

Strangelander (2 posts) • 0

Re: the KCEL western campus, I can vouch for the new management (after it re-opened in October). My wife has had Julie Zhao, the new manager, as a teacher for four years, and she's doing a good job at setting up the re-opened western campus to suit students. And she doesn't smoke...

Right now there are only a handful of students, as they reopened in the middle of the semester, but we and our friends like it there. Nifty facility (ping pong table on the fourth floor!), good location (near ChunYuan XiaoQu).

Ouyang, as to your refund, I suggest you drop in and talk to Julie about it, I can guarantee she'll look into it (if she hasn't already from reading your post), and at least give you a straight answer, no double-talk.

Ouyang (243 posts) • 0

They also promised me the same thing in July. But come August they wouldn't let me attend the classes I wanted. They forced me to pay tuition saying the police would send me home otherwise. Never arranged classes. Refused to refund my tuition when I changed schools after not having a single class. Only stating that the director responsible has been fired for it.

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