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Introduce a high quality institution for study mandarin chinese

james-ding (13 posts) • 0

Dear 打酱油

Thank you for your replay^_^.
First,i guess you are a native chinese and register a new ID to slander our college.gold is forever gold.I am not almost aggressive, impolite and not clear,but i do not want to show too much feeling about your tone.You love aggressive, impolite and absolutely not clear,but we do not like. we like the true,not slander.
second, all the teachers in KCEL are good teachers. the excellent one is more than 70%.expecially what i have been told you. we make the questionnaire,all the students satisfied their teachers' high quality teaching. Especially, what i have been told you. if you do not believe,you can come to KCEL to see these questionnaires
welcome to KCEL join these teachers clasees,and then tell us the true. we want to know our shortcoming,it is good for us improve our teaching,but we do not like slander.welcomes you sinceresly whatever you hold what kind of psychology. ^_^

rainer (6 posts) • 0

I am a students 3 months before in dong fang, i think my teacher is an excellent one, others i don't know. wang lao shi.

打酱油 (4 posts) • 0

james-ding, you say gold is forever gold but do you know that shit stay forever shit !!? (just an information, i said nothing, everybody can judge by itself)
what d you mean about 70% ? you do not answer the question. why are you're affraid to answer the question ? BECAUSE it is a shame to be a schooll with LESS THAN 10% of their teachers being certified real teacher. Yes you read correctly less than 10% !!!!

rainer, i believe you, you can have a good teacher. the teachers themselves they try their best to do good job (even they are not teachers for MOOOST of them)

but rainer, i do not know where you come from but i am sure that if you knew how they treat teachers in this school, you would look for another place immediately (no contract for teachers, no insurance for teachers etc ...) james-ding can you confirm ?

last bu not least, i do not need to come t your school because i already know how you deal with students and i think that the way you do show very few respect (like for the teachers).

just stay away from dongfang and you'll be more happy.

james-ding (13 posts) • 0

打酱油,i do not need to quarrel with you.Maybe you are not the real teacher,and then fire out by our college. It is not school tread you bad, first, think about yourself.we do not want to talk about you too much.Gold is forever gold. Let us give this questions to kcel's students. rainer, thank you so much for you to tell the true.

打酱油 (4 posts) • 0

james-ding you are so funny with all your insinuation. i like your imagination ....
of course everyone is free to choose what he likes, i'm just giving some clues about the subject. and i dont think this school is a good choice (my opinion). you have to try your luck for a good teacher (not even 10% are qualified) not mention the teachers conditions there.

afterall if one likes to spend their money there and support this kind of behaviour towards students and teachers, again everyone is free.
i think it is no good to encourage something that creates social insecurity and will not contribute to improve the local situation. not mention the image it gives to the rest of the world.

james-ding (13 posts) • 0

打酱油,you are almost aggressive, impolite. i do not like have a talk with you so much. since you leave KCEL,everything is better day by day.who tell you good teacher (not even 10% are qualified),only you are not qualified and now is fired out.congratulation to the school.

打酱油 (4 posts) • 0

you seem to be very sensitive about the points i mentioned, that's funny to read your posts. everybody can make its own opinion about.
thank you for your help !

Horizon (2 posts) • 0

Im a student at KCEL and up until now have been quite happy with the quality of teaching there.

However...............As of this week our teacher has transferred to one of the other campuses and my first impression of this teacher isn't good. I'd heard before I enrolled there that the quality of teaching is hit and miss but when I tried it out I was immediately impressed by my (now former) teacher. Had I tried my new teachers class out I wouldn't have enrolled.

Two other issues I have are 1) The school advertises that it is the only one in Kunming that can sort your visa out for you. This is not true. A friend of mine recently enrolled at one of the universities and they sorted his visa out for him. And 2) They charge a rate based on two hour classes, but my classes are from 10:20 - 12:00 with a 10 min break. In total 1 1/2 hours per day. Which cuts my 10 hour a week course down to 7 1/2 hours.

I don't want to sound bitchy as my Chinese is improving. It just seems to me that the key is finding one of the good teachers. And, as with many things in China, not taking what you're told as gospel.

I will be giving my new teacher the benefit of the doubt for now and will post my conclusion when iv come to it.

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