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Forums > Study > Introduce a high quality institution for study mandarin chinese

james-ding you are so funny with all your insinuation. i like your imagination ....
of course everyone is free to choose what he likes, i'm just giving some clues about the subject. and i dont think this school is a good choice (my opinion). you have to try your luck for a good teacher (not even 10% are qualified) not mention the teachers conditions there.

afterall if one likes to spend their money there and support this kind of behaviour towards students and teachers, again everyone is free.
i think it is no good to encourage something that creates social insecurity and will not contribute to improve the local situation. not mention the image it gives to the rest of the world.

Forums > Study > Introduce a high quality institution for study mandarin chinese

james-ding, you say gold is forever gold but do you know that shit stay forever shit !!? (just an information, i said nothing, everybody can judge by itself)
what d you mean about 70% ? you do not answer the question. why are you're affraid to answer the question ? BECAUSE it is a shame to be a schooll with LESS THAN 10% of their teachers being certified real teacher. Yes you read correctly less than 10% !!!!

rainer, i believe you, you can have a good teacher. the teachers themselves they try their best to do good job (even they are not teachers for MOOOST of them)

but rainer, i do not know where you come from but i am sure that if you knew how they treat teachers in this school, you would look for another place immediately (no contract for teachers, no insurance for teachers etc ...) james-ding can you confirm ?

last bu not least, i do not need to come t your school because i already know how you deal with students and i think that the way you do show very few respect (like for the teachers).

just stay away from dongfang and you'll be more happy.

Forums > Study > Introduce a high quality institution for study mandarin chinese

1st/ james-ding - continue to make such good advertising for your school by being almost aggressive, impolite and absolutely not clear - WE LOVE IT !

2nd/ let me rectify some points you mention above, because i think you are not honest or just lying :

- you are talking about how marvelous teachers are in Dongfang, but can you tell us how many from these teachers are REALLY teachers ? (i mean graduation AND certification to be teacher, not with whatever other certification for economy, business etc ...). If you don't dare to tell it here in public, just let me know and it will be my pleasure to give information about that point. (A:less than 50%/B:less than 25%/C:less than 10%)

-OK, i must confess you have some (very few) professionalher like Zhao Hong (good and professional teacher) but concerning Cai Weize or Jiang Jie i have to tell that it is quite unacceptable to have a teacher talking bad standstandardarin Chinese (Kunming-Putonghua).

about Zhao Yan:not good not bad->average

about Zhang Guoshan: not bad but he's not a real teacher, isn't he? moreover his class is a little of mess...

TOTALLY UNCLEAR (can understand nothing, you can try to write again) : "About "many other options ".I must say you are very clever,but these all very new. i think you will know what i means."many" is right,whether it is "available", i am not sure."

hedgepig, i fully agree with your comment :

"(Aside from the universities) Dongfang had a monopoly on student visas for ages, meaning no choice and no competition in the local Mandarin teaching market. Thankfully that's now been fixed, and we'll hopefully see a market-wide rise in quality and decline in prices."

"First,tank you for your care about our college,KCEL is the abbreviation for Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture."Dong Fang" is the translation for kunming college of Eastern language and culture in Chinese for short. you know much,but you do not know is not the means we do not know our means you know so less." 废话废话废话


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