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What happened to GoKunming articles?

b galipeau (48 posts) • +3

GoKunming used to regularly publish several articles per week on happenings around the city, travel, life in Yunnan etc?

What happened?

Now's it's no more than a few per month?

Why no coverage for instance regarding the migrant elephant herd?

The recent earthquake in Dali?

This aspect of the website has really declined.

DanDare (141 posts) • 0

Yep, Patrick went a few years ago, Vera left last year. I don't think they have an editor or even any writers in house. Maybe they are hoping people will write stuff, but without anyone to coordinate or an editor to scan the wires this will be hard to get content.

OceanOcean (1193 posts) • 0

I was wondering this too. Last article was 2 months ago (and was basically an advert). This used to be such a vibrant website which I checked daily. Much less so now.

b galipeau (48 posts) • 0

@DanDare I knew about Patrick leaving but didn't know that Vera also left more recently.

I guess with borders still closed maybe it's harder finding anyone to take up the job?

Hope they do eventually find someone since as Ocean mentioned articles were always a major highlight of the website since way back when Chris and and Matthew were running things. GoKM admins, any updates on the status of things?

livinginchina (188 posts) • +1

The traffic on Gokunming is definitely not what it used to be. Although certain improvements have been made it just not as 'active' as it used to be IMHO.

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