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Registering foreigners' religious activities

YaXu5 (23 posts) • 0

New policy measures were released yesterday addressing ways to promote a "long-term and balanced" approach to tackle's China's low fertility rate, in light of the government's announcement of lifting the two-child restriction back in May:

"The government said it would exempt the costs of raising a child under the age of three from personal income tax and encourage local governments to offer families with children preferential policies when buying and renting homes.

China also said it would boost the supply of affordable child-care services, a move to address a common complaint among parents and would-be parents.

Officials also said they would encourage local governments to start pilot programs offering 'shared parental leave' for employees and support companies that introduce such policies—an apparent response to widespread perceptions that women must choose between motherhood and the pursuit of a career.

Chinese law forbids employers from making hiring decisions based on marital status, but female job candidates frequently say they are quizzed on their plans for marriage and childbearing, which they say discourages them from having children.

According to the document, authorities also will stop levying fines on people who had violated earlier family-planning policies and remove penalties imposed on people for having too many children, including obstacles in securing jobs and enrolling children in school..."


This appears to be a draft document by China's cabinet in Beijing. No specific timeline as to when above-mentioned labor protection measures for women would come into effect. The ruling party's cognizance of the People's complaints regarding the high costs of raising/educating their children is a good start.

JanJal (1237 posts) • 0

"exempt the costs of raising a child under the age of three from personal income tax"

This of course would only benefit those who earn enough to have taxable income (after 5000 RMB automatic deduction) to begin with. At risk of political incorrectness, I'd say this will be the final stage of poverty reduction - weeding out the poor.

YaXu5 (23 posts) • -1

The cabinet just announced new abortion policy guidelines "aimed at improving women's reproductive health"... and perhaps to address the declining birth rates:

'China says will clamp down on abortions for "non-medical purposes"'


JanJal (1237 posts) • -2

Well there are lot of places where it is considered religious, anti-so at least. Perhaps also in this area China could do well to utilize religion as a vehicle for the desired effect. Study tour to Texas for example.

bubblyian (102 posts) • +2

None of these measures will make much difference. Need to scrap "cai li", "zuo yue zi", "men dan hu dui", financial settlement in divorce laws, and all cultural and family pressures to do things the way they have been done for hundreds of years, give parents freedom to do the best for their children, not be ordered by family and friends to do things in

particular way....and get to a get rid of the ban on home school. Also stop pressurising people to go to university, and ban age limits on job applications. Also giving men and fathers equal rights and fully involve them in the whole baby-making process....

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