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Registering foreigners' religious activities

Mario007 (42 posts) • 0

Really? Cause I go to the new place they moved to and no one mentioned anything about it. That's interesting

peterpan (10 posts) • 0

On the beijing lu is closed, only is open the other place in the south but once a month, first weekend of the month

Xiefei (539 posts) • 0

The story I heard about the church on Beijing Lu is that the stairs were too close to Tuodong Lu. Of course, that doesn't quite explain what happened to the giant golden Jesus statue or why services don't seem to be happening...

zhl123 (10 posts) • +1

Colour revolution was declared single largest threat to China earlier this year.This basically means anything western progressive,is seen as something that shall be rooted out.Prior to this delcaration, foreginers VPN activity has been monitored a long time already, so it doesnt really matter what you declare,as everything is known anyway. It is likely,that foreign friends who have been active in certain color revolution activities,will not only be stricly monitored but have increasing difficulty in getting visa renewed.

JanJal (1243 posts) • 0

Reading about latest developments in China's childbirth regulations (now going to 3 children per family), I started to think about the role that religions and related social organizations in western countries (maybe elsewhere too) have played in increasing (maintaining anyway) and supporting child count of families.

For example in my home country most of families with 5+ children are either cases of remarrying with bonus children, or followers of certain (usually Christian) disciplines. Furthermore many church related organizations provide assistance that makes raising children a little bit easier.

I would speculate that if not for religious activities, birth rates in western countries would have dropped much sooner and faster.

In this context, what China has to offer in place of religions, is in my opinion perhaps not sufficient to create equal factor to increase/maintain birth count.

JanJal (1243 posts) • -1

I would continue this thought exercise by suggesting that Confucian principles such as filial piety could become challenged when child counts within families increase.

What may have worked once upon a time when China was a poorer country with more rural surroundings, may not work now.

Having to raise 2 or 3 princes/princesses instead of just one may hit fabrics of Chinese society in unexpected ways, and force developments that for the powers-that-be may offset the economic benefits of maintaining population.

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