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New Health check form at bus/metro

AlPage48 (1353 posts) • 0

When I was entering the subway on Saturday I noticed the police officer at the entrance getting ready with a pen to record my information on a log sheet at her desk. When I showed the green screen she nodded and put the pen down.
In the early days of the virus there were also people on buses taking info from the seniors who did not have smart phones.

kc430kc430 (79 posts) • 0

Travelling and at various locales that require registration, I am sometimes recorded on paper. They take my passport info and occasionally ask to see my Kunming residence permit. That's because I don't use WeChat, so can't scan the code at the entrance.

Every two weeks I get a new green code at yunnan.inspurhealth.com:7089/index.html.

Generally speaking, this once-every-two-week green code gets me passed through, including at Kunming subway. If not, I get registered on paper.

On a recent trip to Lijiang, I readily gained access to Jade Water Village (passport and green code) which is just north of Baisha. A short distance down the road is the Dongba Musuem. Strangely, they wouldn't let me enter, but then they have a blanket denial of all foreigners at this time.

Tom69 (151 posts) • 0

kc430, how common is it at the moment for foreigners to be banned from certain sites in Yunnan? Is it mainly confined to Lijiang or all over?

Wendy528 (18 posts) • 0

To follow-up on Lijiang's beaten tracks where checkpoints may be of concern for foreigners, particularly as national day looms:

For main entrances to Old Town Lijiang, facial recognition implementation on the spot at turnstile. Your face will be photographed and facial biometrics unloaded to database in real-time for automated passage. For foreigners, passport info will also be recorded on paper.

Similar ordeal at Lijiang Railway Station. Face biometrics will be recorded and passport info written down.

Lijiang Black Dragon Pond Park requires presentation of ID. Screenshot image of ID/passport on phone would suffice.

Usual green health codes presented pro forma in above cases.

For Suhe ancient town further north, just show health code at main entrance, and make mandatory zero-fee Meituan purchase. QR code receipt to be scanned at turnstile. Laxed or no checks enforced at side entrances of Suhe 古镇 for frequenters.

No checkpoints whatsoever to smaller Baisha 古镇 closer to Jade Mt.

Less strict for Dali, but some smaller hotel/inns have been ordered by local police to not take foreigners due to the Ruili scare. Touch base to verify with hotels in advance. Bigger and more established hotels in Dali like Hilton, Dali International, Indigo, Argyle, etc. are fine.

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