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New Health check form at bus/metro

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • +1

This whole thing makes no sense. You

could be a spreader and not have any symptoms. You could be healthy this morning and by evening be sick. Just doesn't make sense at all.

kc430kc430 (71 posts) • 0

In the CNN article...

"A digital epidemic prevention 'sky net' is rolling out on a full-scale with the Chinese speed," the Xinhua report said.

Sky Net. The rogue cybersystem that threatens to annihalate humanity in the Terminator film series. Referenced by the official Chinese media outlet.


JanJal (1073 posts) • 0

Me and my wife as well had to fill the form again in Monday this week, by surprise when we were entering subway station.

I wouldn't put much emphasis on how people fill the forms, but the tracking aspect.

I assume that it could pop a red (or at least yellow) card out of nowhere, on suspicion of having been around an infected person within so many minutes or hours - in same store or whatever, without you knowing anything about it.

In that way, yeah you could be healthy in the morning and healthy in the evening too, but the system would know you to be a potential carrier better than yourself.

AlPage48 (1232 posts) • 0

When I got the code second time around my wife tried to enter the Chinese panel for me as she had done last time.

This time up it was asking for my arrival details (I came last year) including flight number and seat number.

It also wanted my future departure date which doesn't exist, but it wouldn't pass without it.

Next I switched to attempting to use the English version again.

After I entered my phone, name, age and passport number it immediately jumped to the previous green screen.

This is too confusing!

JanJal (1073 posts) • 0

I was suspecting something like that too, but for us it was was 7 weeks + 2 days, or 51 days. Felt like an arbitrary number, or a glitch in the application's database that forced everyone/some people to re-input.

bubblyian (39 posts) • 0

one metro station said "phone signal bad here, so use a screenshot instead". Defeats the "live" aspect - now I show a screen shot instead of scanning each time and no problem! They don't even check closely!

Tom69 (112 posts) • 0

I know it's been 5 months since the last post but can you guys currently in Kunming tell me whether this is still being used? I have read that the plan is for track and trace apps to become permanent. Hangzhou said this would continue to apply even after the pandemic is declared as over.

AlPage48 (1232 posts) • 0

It's still being used at the subway and PSB.

I used/visited both yesterday and you could not get in without scanning right in front of them.

I noticed the bus also has the new QR code on the entrance door but nobody scans it.

When I walk the dog each morning I pass our community health clinic where they have the QR code out front.

I make a point of scanning it to be sure I'm still current.

It seems to want an update every 2 weeks or so.

Tom69 (112 posts) • 0

Is there a paper alternative? Or is the app compulsory? What about elderly and the handicapped? Or those who don't have mobile/cellular phones?

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