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l4dybug (89 posts) • +1

I judge character, less so appearance.

Under hood functionality and comfort of ride > paint job + muffler exhaust + rims + body kit + lowering + spoiler

That said, toggle for dark mode option for night time viewing may be more soothing for the eyes.

Btw lemon, this blue & white template (colors of Yunnan) may be a preliminary canvas for web designers to build on. Editing and adding more layers gradually.

YerethYereth (107 posts) • +1

Thanks for the feedback. Indeed it can be considered a canvas to add more layers to later. A dark mode for night time viewing sounds like a good idea.

We added "Get directions" and "Open in Gaode" links to listings. Would be great to know if they work properly across all different devices. Results will vary, as each phone's default map apps are different.

michael2015 (781 posts) • +1

no no no no no...you're supposed to hype the change days to weeks in advance with a launch date...with increasing hype just prior to launch date (then charge a premium for ads on launch day)....like the Super Bowl (sorry - American analogy).

Aside from that surprise - good look - but yeah...a dark mode toggle for mobiles and laptops running unplugged...would be nice.

Love the new map feature link thing...

Alexez (349 posts) • +1

if personal opinion counts?
I don't like new look ;-(

Although I'm not fan of black based websites ( unless like photography portfolio ) , the new "white" look lacks of contrast. When loaded 1st time , I had feeling it hadn't loaded properly , like when css styles not working, or something.

The add on top right looks like some basic html website back in 90's. Line no frame or set off the barrier , or something what wouldn't give an impression of the "patch" . (on ph. version looks bit sloppy as well )

The main advert Shaxi looks Ok on ph. but on desktop gives me a feeling of one of those travel agencies websites for holiday makers ( not talking about the content of add, but the way its set with grey background ) . I can't say that extra pictures (adverts all over the place )

on front page are beneficial to new look as the white background which kills the contrast of the photos on main slider.

Overall it's kinda overwhelming. Too many blinking flashing images feels like one of those spam websites. Sorry for being so criticizing, but I believe goKM still cant find some designer. I mean not the person who knows tech part but actually knows aesthetic and commercial part of online biz. I like the site as community I'm part of , so I wish they find somebody eventually and make this template more pleasant to visit..at least for me.

Speak of the adverts. I understand that they have to live on something, but since it's not a google add targeting ( automatic adds sourced form 3rd party ) , management could think of the design the adds suitable in contrast to the website ( color use ) , that could bring extra kuai and not much hassle if designer is geared up with customized templates. I also miss functions like preview before posting. It is hard to read my text in small box before posting, so ending up posting then editing and posting again.

Anyway, I'm don't know the background of the company , so please no flames...just my personal opinion.

napav (33 posts) • 0

Yereth, you could perhaps look into incorporating a SEO friendly, real-time community conversation platform called spot.IM that isn't blocked in China:


Spot.IM supports rich-media that allow users to easily post pictures, gif images, emojies, twitter posts, Youtube videos, and website links with thumbnail display.

Integrates security technology and implements AI machine learning that help our GoK mod from being overwhelmed with spam.

Visit MarketWatch and scroll to bottom of post to see comment section in action. Useful "mute" and "report" buttons that previous members have advocated.

YerethYereth (107 posts) • 0

@Alexez Thank you for your feedback. We're doing our best with the resources we have to update the design and general functionality. As far as ads go, most of them are designed by the advertisers themselves, although we do assist them when requested. Not too sure how many flashing images you see. Are you referring to ads or main article section on the homepage?

@Napav Thank you for the tip. We'll look into it for sure. One thing that always worries me with using third-party software is that eventually it may get blocked.

YerethYereth (107 posts) • 0

A general question to the community. On mobile we added an 'app-like' menu in the bottom of the page, as opposed to the previous 'hamburger-style' menu in the top left hoping we can make sections of the website more easily accessible and more in tune with how apps generally function.

Is this making access more easy and intuitive, apart from the time it takes to get used to the new location of the main menu? There's also a fold-out menu because of the limited horizontal space a phone screen offers. Would you change the order of the items or have any other feedback regarding the new mobile menu?


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