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herenow (354 posts) • +1

I would vote for having the forums and classifieds in the main part of the menu (rather than the fold-out), since those are the parts that seem to change most often and which I therefore navigate to most often.

YerethYereth (107 posts) • 0

@herenow Thank you for your feedback. Of the four items in the main menu section, which would you move to the foldout?

Anyone else wants to weigh in?

herenow (354 posts) • 0

@Yereth, from a user perspective, I would probably be most inclined to move the listings to the foldout since those are relatively static. However, I imagine other perspectives may come into play -- e.g., the listings as a sort of showcase for the business community.

I would definitely keep the articles in the main menu section since they are basically the front page of the site and are regularly updated. And the calendar too since that also changes often and is a catalyst for the community interacting in the real world.

That leaves the "home" item. It is redundant from a technical/logical perspective, since the GoKunming header stays on top as one scrolls down the page, providing a link to the home page. Though perhaps it isn't redundant from a human UI perspective, as I suspect a lot of users won't realize that the header contains a link. But then again, how important is it to get to the home page when most of the site navigation is already there at one's fingertips? And it would still be accessible in the foldout (although it's weird from an interface standpoint to have the home item on the right, so it might almost make sense to remove it entirely).

So on balance, my personal inclination would be to move the listings item to the foldout, and to either move the home item there or else delete it.

bubblyian (91 posts) • +1

Maybe improve the search facility - make it easily accessible and with options to sort/select based on date?

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