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Xinjiang/Uyghur Food

Fredr (5 posts) • 0

Where do I find polou (zhuafan) and naan (nang) in Kunming? The places I knew a few years ago are gone now, neighborhoods changed.

Sana21 (1 post) • 0

@ Fredr
There is a XinJiang food restaurant in Spring City 66 shopping mall. The name is 提雅寻味丝路 or something like that. 5th floor. Not sure about polou and naan, though.

Fredr (5 posts) • 0

Thanks, maybe have time to check it out. Only two days in KM, then to Chengdu. I know a very good Uyghur place there, folks from Yili. Used to know a good place in KM, long gone now.

Napoleon (1187 posts) • 0

Used to love Xinjiang food. There were a few places around town but all seem to have shut up shop now.

Maybe it's time a new one was started.

Fredr (5 posts) • 0

Didn't find anything in KM. All the places I knew gone, chai... On my way to Chengdu now, know a great place there, about here:
Will post a more accurate location in a couple of days.

Fredr (5 posts) • 0

For Xinjiang Uyghur food in Chengdu, here's the accurate location:

These Uyghur folk are from Yili in Xinjiang, excellent polou and naan at good prices. The places along here on the first ring road are a little below street level. This one is easy to spot because they cook the naan and shashlik (kebeb) on the steps above the door. There's another place a couple of doors farther west, fancier, more expensive, and not as good. No naan....

The place in Nanning, the Uyghur folk are from Hotan (Hetian); The one in Hohhot, Uyghurs from Aksu (Akesu).

Hope there will be a good place in Kunming sometime soon!

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