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For Xinjiang Uyghur food in Chengdu, here's the accurate location:[...]

These Uyghur folk are from Yili in Xinjiang, excellent polou and naan at good prices. The places along here on the first ring road are a little below street level. This one is easy to spot because they cook the naan and shashlik (kebeb) on the steps above the door. There's another place a couple of doors farther west, fancier, more expensive, and not as good. No naan....

The place in Nanning, the Uyghur folk are from Hotan (Hetian); The one in Hohhot, Uyghurs from Aksu (Akesu).

Hope there will be a good place in Kunming sometime soon!

Forums > Food & Drink > Xinjiang/Uyghur Food

Thanks, maybe have time to check it out. Only two days in KM, then to Chengdu. I know a very good Uyghur place there, folks from Yili. Used to know a good place in KM, long gone now.

Forums > Food & Drink > Xinjiang/Uyghur Food

Where do I find polou (zhuafan) and naan (nang) in Kunming? The places I knew a few years ago are gone now, neighborhoods changed.


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Interesting article, thanks Patrick. However, I think the opening sentence, "As a region, western Sichuan and Yunnan encompass one of the most spectacular repositories of wildlife remaining in China" would be equally accurate if it said "...remaining in the world". I'm viewing this from outside China.

Hi Patrick, Nice article. However, there are options to your 90-hour trip via Urumqi: 80 hours via Baoji, or 76 hours via Turpan. No reason to take a detour up to Urumqi.

There will be much faster ways within about two years, if rail construction stays on schedule. —Fred

I find some Chinese medicines (Zhongyao) quite effective. As an example, for intestinal problems or diarrhea (I'm pretty nonchalant about sanitation, the cleanliness of dishes, and other matters), I take a little yellow pill, Berberine Hydrochloride. The common Chinese name is huangliansu.

Huangliansu is available in bottles of 100, at a cost of about US50¢. Some pharmacies don't stock it, as the profit is too low.

I take one to three pills, three times a day as needed, depending on how bad I feel. Usually the problem is completely cleared up in two days or less. Two pills once, and most mild problems are gone.

Ryan Drum, a well-known American herbalist, thinks this is an excellent treatment. He called it "a mild intestinal calmer".

Forget the Pepto-Bismol and Loperadine....


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