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WeChat/Alipay pay and payment abroad

Christian ImNorden (6 posts) • 0

When I try to use WeChat Pay / Alipay on booking/agoda/airbnb the payment does not work because it says I am not authorised. It also says something about payments abroad even though this is for accommodation within China. How can I become authorised?

On Alipay it says: 非身份证件类型用户无法进行本次交易

cloudtrapezer (740 posts) • 0

Try using Trip (formerly Ctrip). You can download their app. I use them all the time. They accept Chinese cards etc. I assume you've linked your WeChat with a Chinese bank account?

JanJal (934 posts) • +1

I (faintly) remember reading somewhere, that non-Chinese nationals cannot use WeChat payments abroad, even (or especially...) if they have linked Chinese bank account.

I have not tried myself.

If I remember correctly, the problem (in the particular case that I read about) was that WeChat payments abroad require real-name registration with Chinese ID card - foreign passport was not sufficient.

newlaowai (20 posts) • 0

was able to use my wechat payment process in January to book flight and hotels for thailand. On friday, i tried to book a flight on airasia website (also tried the app) wasn't able to complete the payment process using wechat.

My wechat is linked to my chinese bank account and also alipay.

Something has changed recently.

JanJal (934 posts) • 0

In international travel, the operator to (or through) which the payments go, is more important than the travel destination.

Ctrip (at least the domestic version) will probably work much better to make WeChat payments for (for example) Thailand travel, than some foreign travel site.

Some companies may have separate subsidiaries in different countries, and in those cases something may work though Chinese subsidiary but not elsewhere - or the other way around. And sometimes it is not obvious to end users, which subsidiary they are using.

cloudtrapezer (740 posts) • 0

With Trip/Ctrip you can use Chinese and foreign cards. But you have to change the currency setting to match the card

goldie122 (645 posts) • 0

Qunar is a good site for cheaper air tickets... they take wechat for sure, not sure about foreign credit cards.

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