Foreign children born in China and visas

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You can be prepared with an apology letter - but best to have it translated as a courtesy - although they can all read English.

However - usually the police will ask you for an apology letter after lecturing you on the various infractions, and they'll tell you what you did wrong, so you understand how to write the letter.

Being prepared can be construed as a sign of good faith...difficult to forecast.

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Goldie - They may require you to write a confession. Actually, they write the confession and you will sign it. In 2003, the school I worked at failed to register severa teachers and we were asked to sign a "confession." I objected but was pointedly told it would be much better for everyone if I just signed the "confession." I did and that was the end of it.

It was also the last time I trusted the school, or anyone else, to handle my residence registration.

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I had a brief conversation with an attorney today... just on wechat.

A friend connected us.

He basically said I have three options...

1.I talk to them myself
2.We talk to them with you
3.We talk to them off the record using special relationships.

2.Around 15000¥ plus travel to your city (they are in Shanghai and Beijing)
3.Certainly over 100000¥

His most senior Chinese family law lawyer would fly over.

He confirmed the US Consulate cannot help.

This is a Chinese exit/entry bureau issue.

The US has no influence whatsoever on this.


They cannot help.

He guesses they can have the fine at 10000 USD for the three kids.

He says not a large fine.

He sees no legal basis to incarcerate me since I am legal.

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Wow! Sounds like a whole lotta money. Are you getting any financial help from your family. They must be concern about their grandkid,no?

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Sounds like you talked to the wrong layer, option three is illegal and no law firm nowadays should do this since most of the 100,000 fee is intended as bribe.

Family lawyers are specialized in divorce cases and things like custody of children and not at all specialised in your problem.
Even in China legal matters are not discussed like this on wechat. Looks like they are not interested in your case unless there is an exorbitant amount of money forked out.
My recommendation: stay away from these guys.

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Actually I prefer not to use a lawyer at all.

I really don't have the funds for it... a friend I was talking to just found one on a Dutch group (he is Dutch) so we talked for a bit.

I sent some emails out looking for help... I emailed the Embassy in Beijing because someone said they have more power than a consulate.

IdK... just trying.

I just tonight received an email

From: Garr, Paul S (Guangzhou) <[email protected]>...

I am not sure who he is or who he works for and I didn't email him so I am trying to find out.

I am hesitant to give out more personal information to anyone.

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