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Foreign children born in China and visas

Peter99 (1246 posts) • +2

Yea, the outcome will be set up anyway. Lawyer is just for the show of it, and they will find extra fees to suck out as much as possible. Not being an expert here, just spontaneous suggestion is go for it yourself. Theres this thing that many cases can be 'setteled', and normally, if law kicks in, then the mess starts. Try to settle it. For a settled fine, avoid law if possible. Again, not being expert, but know of cases settled before law. Sounds like a good way out - again, if possible. If u have a Chinese friend - even better if with some power - bring to settlement to help and negotiate. This is where guanxi comes handy.

goldie122 (645 posts) • +1

Then I was talking to my boss.. she asked me when my classes will stop.

I told her I couldn't be sure as I may have to leave China on short notice and sooner than I thought depending on the outcome of this visa problem.

I had tried to explain it to her before but she must not have fully understood.

(she is Chinese and her English is only ok).

I had to explain it all again, just the basic facts of my problem.

She said is there anything I can do to help?

I said, half jokingly, not unless you know someone in immigration.

She said ok, I'll try.

About an hour later, her husband (my former boss) sent me a message.

He said he has a friend who works in immigration and he was asking about my situation.

He asked if they had birth certs.. I told him all the information.

In the end, he said there may be a penalty, probably 1000 each kid.

I thought, he must've mistyped... meant 10000 each kid.

He said no, for adults it is 10000, kids are up to 1000.

It is because they are not a threat.

This is what his friend said.

He said he would talk to him more and see how he could help.

But it's Friday evening, so maybe next week.

So much conflicting information.

But it makes sense why... probably not so common a problem.

Peter99 (1246 posts) • 0

If me was goldie, Id make a short paper in Chinese language where it explains the situation, that have no criminal record, respect chinese laws, society etc. What you have been doing and what you now intend to do. How it all came about. With copies of passports, no criminal record, insurance (if have) and something like that. Economic crisis due to husbands death. A reference sort of. Hand it over to the guanxi person and help introduce the case.

The only problem is if someone want to politizise it.

But not sure this is right way, as no experience. Just know things can be ’settled’ and in some cases they want settle quick to get rid of nuisance and paperwork.

goldie122 (645 posts) • +1

So I've gotten the passports.

Tomorrow I will go to the Exit /
Entry Bureau and beg for mercy.

I am not even sure what exactly I need, once I pay the probable fine and whatever else they require... exit permits or exit visas?

Exit permits are little blue books but the exit visa is the actual sticker in the passports.

I am slightly paranoid about getting this all taken care of and then going to the airport and having a problem at immigration.

Liumingke1234 (3161 posts) • +2

Get your life together.

Start new. You will probably be

put on some list. How is thay a threat? Wait umtil your otjer kids are teenagers. The way the relationshsip between America and China I too migjt have to leave. Who know?

Ishmael (463 posts) • -1

Liumingke's comment: I think he's wrong, but anyway, don't bother to worry about it now.

Liumingke1234 (3161 posts) • 0

I agree that there is no need to worry about it now but time will tell. I've heard that when you overstay your visa and pay the fine. They stamp your visa or passport ( not sure which) with a star or something like it to indicate this. So it stands to reason that the same is true in this situation if you have to pay a fine. All that is noted in their computer system I sure. Go home and raise your kids free from worrying about visas and the like. Enjoy you life and good luck.

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