Foreign children born in China and visas

goldie122 (645 posts) • +2

I should get the passports back anytime from May 23 - June 6.

I will go to the exit/entry soon after.

I will post a message so you know when I am going and then what the outcome was.

I won't leave you hanging.

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Had a little bit of time to kill so I went online (Reddit) and searched overstaying your visa in China... now I am seriously worried... talking about jail time and they are more serious about this problem now... no more of... just let the stupid foreigner go.

Or jail until the fine is paid in full.

Any suggestions about my apology letter would be welcome... like make sure you write this or don't say this...

I think I need to be as respectful as possible.

*@?#!+... kinda freakin out.

JanJal (902 posts) • +1

One thing that differentiates your case from most "overstay visa" cases, is that technically your kids didn't overstay their visas - they didn't even have such.

Visa requirements are quite clear for people who come to China (printed in those yellow immigration papers etc), but there's little information automatically made available about children who are born in China - it's something that must be found out yourself if you are in that situation.

I recommend to stress that it was your late husband who was supposed to take care of all that, and after his death you found out that he hadn't.

They are not going to put you to jail and leave 6 foreign kids by themselves.

Ishmael (420 posts) • -1

Yes, I donn't think you need to freak out about this - the paperwork may well be annoying but you don't need to imagine disasters.

michael2015 (613 posts) • 0

Goldie - they will TELL you what to write...if they require an apology letter.

Don't forget - bring your kids, be forthright and apologetic.

The police in China are usually quite nice and will rarely scold you in front of your children - especially if you're contrite.

Additionally - there's very little probability that they will jail you as then they'd have to care for SIX children, plus you're suffering from death of a spouse - only a complete jerk would try to kick you while you're down - despite the current chill in China-US relations.

As the dependent of your husband - he was responsible for all of these things - so it'll also be difficult for the police to criticize you (although they might try - just agree with them).

goldie122 (645 posts) • 0

So Michael...I was going to go there with an apology letter explaining everything and already written.

Are you suggesting not to do that since you said they will tell me what to write?

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