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Transferring cash out of China

Peter99 (1246 posts) • -3
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You know, dolphin, only americans do korny quotes. And - in general -they have strong opinions on things they know nothing about.

Easy to spot an american, just as easy as to spot a brit. Brits think they naturally have an authoritarian mandate - being from England. And if theres two of them, the mandate is double stronger. Quite funny to observe.

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • -6
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Peter I don't think what you do can properly be called observing. More like confirming what you 'knew' already.

herenow (354 posts) • -4
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Peter99 wrote: "What do you mean?"

I mainly meant that what you wrote didn't make sense. More a series of impressionistic statements than a logical argument.

Plus "big assed donkey drooling afted a juicy carrot" sounds like alcohol-infused writing. (I do like your frequent use of "drool", though -- it's a great word that is generally underemployed.)

dolphin (509 posts) • -6
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peter, i hear what you're saying about the americans and the brits. don't even get me started on the greeks!

what percentage of expats that spend a considerable chunk of their lives in china end up going back home?

frequently asked questions: 1) which vpn should i use? 2) can i buy ketchup on taobao? 3) how do i get out of here?

sorry for ruining your thread, dude. that's how i roll.

Peter99 (1246 posts) • -6
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Dont get offended, it was a soft whip on cloudy, but used u as a proxy, dolphin.

Anyway, lets try not to start it again, shall we. And I got nothing against him, at least nothing thats a big deal, (and now even US senators are having same critique) so all in all, the whole thing is not a big deal anyway.

Go on with the quotes, some are good. What was the topic again..... :)

vicar (817 posts) • -2

It's difficult to take vast amounts of money out of China because as soon as citizens make enough money, a popular decision is to consider leaving the country. It's as simple as that.

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • -1

Sometimes I think the entire middle class wants to leave. The real bourgeoisie has already made its arrangements of course.

JanJal (1161 posts) • -2

Personally I am doubtful of the reasons why the "entire middle class" wants to leave.

I don't disagree that they don't want to go abroad, but do they really want to leave, or do they just want another foreign trophy to brag about in China, in same vein as buying LV bag or sending their kid to language course abroad - buying a house in western country and ultimately not living there much.

If the real bourgeoisie have already made the arrangements, I suspect that the rest is just wannabes looking up to those, with no real intention of emigrating.

Regardless, I agree that China wants to make it all difficult by restricting money flows.

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