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Yunnan non-degree and scholarship

lilynguyen3617lilynguyen3617 (7 posts) • 0

OMG really kewen????
It's so pity that i haven't got any wechat accounts but i have one facebook account, do u have one??
We can keep in contact through email as well. I really hope that i can learn something from them and if they are willing to share their taking scholarship experience, i will be really grateful to them!
Thanks for telling me this!!

michael2015 (698 posts) • +1

Thank you for the update on Yunda's language training locations.

You can add WeChat to your mobile phone and also to your laptop. Signup is free. There's the english version and the Chinese version. There MAY also be an internationalized version, which should make your life less stressful.

MOST people in China use WeChat - so please consider adding it to make life smoother in China.

And as always - beware of online "friends" inviting you out that you don't know and the prolific online ads.

kewen (8 posts) • +1

Just another little update on the campus location: someone told a colleague of mine that they are trying to move the rest of the students down to Chenggong by 2020 (although I assume this only means the few remaining undergraduate courses, not the postgrads/MBAs)

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