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Forums > Travel Yunnan > fly using yellow paper

For the record I recently took a plane from Shangri-La to Kunming using my (already somewhat battered) yellow slip that had "expired" three days earlier and nobody bat an eyelid or asked for a copy/scan of my passport. At security they looked at the dates for a bit but I suppose because I was heading back to Kunming they didn't question it.

When I tried to check into a hotel in Guangzhou using the same slip (my Kunming stopover was out of PSB office hours) they first didn't know what it was, then pointed out that the "collection date" had already passed, but when I told them that my passport hadn't been ready on the date they just let me stay very quickly. (I don't know if it would in fact have been ready, but the first time I got a residence permit my passport wasn't ready until almost 4 weeks after the original "collection date" for no apparent reason, so it's definitely not a hard and fast "expiration date" but just an earliest collection date.)

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Lijiang - Qiaotou/虎跳峡 upper trail bus connections?

I want to have a go at the Upper Tiger Leaping Gorge trail this weekend, does anybody know if it's still easily possible to grab a bus towards Shangri-La and get off half-way at Qiaotou, or is the new highway already functional enough for most bus traffic to bypass Qiaotou completely?

To be more precise we're getting into Lijiang station at 5:30pm and would ideally like to make it Qiaotou the same night for an early morning start the next day, but I'm not sure how feasible this is (and which Lijiang bus stop we should head to)...

Forums > Study > Yunnan non-degree and scholarship

Just another little update on the campus location: someone told a colleague of mine that they are trying to move the rest of the students down to Chenggong by 2020 (although I assume this only means the few remaining undergraduate courses, not the postgrads/MBAs)

Forums > Study > Yunnan non-degree and scholarship

lilynguyen3617 @michael2015 Yunnan University is actually one of the few universities where as a language student you are not sent out to Chenggong but can still study at the central campus next to Green Lake. There's a thread with plenty of information on the programme over at (make sure you read to the end of the thread for the most current information, there's also threads for the other Kunming universities although I don't know how up-to-date they are).

Actually there's LOTS of Vietnamese students with a Chinese government scholarship in the dorm with me, if you tell me your WeChat ID I can get you added to the Vietnamese student chat group if you like.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Classical amateur choir in Kunming?

Does anyone know of any amateur choirs in Kunming that sing/perform classical (Western) music? I've been singing in university choirs for the past couple of years and would like to continue, does anyone know if any of the universities in Kunming happen to have choirs as well? I'm studying at YunDa's green lake campus, so somewhere central would be ideal.. (Church choirs would be interesting too actually if they sing masses and the like)


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