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OMG really kewen????
It's so pity that i haven't got any wechat accounts but i have one facebook account, do u have one??
We can keep in contact through email as well. I really hope that i can learn something from them and if they are willing to share their taking scholarship experience, i will be really grateful to them!
Thanks for telling me this!!

Forums > Study > Yunnan non-degree and scholarship

I am a student from Vietnam. Next year I intend to study in China by scholarship. I have taken time to get informations in many types of scholarships but most are required HSK4. My GPA is above 3. I am looking for a type of Chinese government scholarship without HSK4. To be brief and to the point, i am willing

to study one-year Chinese language program and as well chinese rich culture,humans and life in China. I think the Belt and Road scholarship is probably right for me and it can be in my fingertips, but I find it difficult to find the good information and to apply for this scholarship.


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