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which chinese insults do you find most offensive?

Miyamoto Musashi (30 posts) • -4
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Of the many chinese insults which accuse a person of being less than human or 'beastly' in some way, which do you find the most offensive?

1. chùsheng (畜生) = animals, beasts

2. Dòngwù rén (动物人) = animal person

3. nǐ bú shì rén (你不是人) = you're not human

3. nǐ shì shénme dōngxi (simplified Chinese: 你是什么东西= you're less than human

4. XīngXīng (猩猩) = ape

5. Hóuzi (猴子) = monkey

6. qín shòu (禽兽) = beasts (lit.: "bird and animal"), often used as qín shòu bù rú (禽兽不如) = worse than beasts

7. Dà xīng rén (大猩人) = gorilla person

8. Yangguizi (洋鬼子) = foreign / ocean devil

Which is the most offensive?

Also if a Chinese person causes offense by pointing and insulting, saying 'apeman', what is the correct way to insult as a comeback?

Presumably if someone from china calls you monkey and you call them monkey or beast in return they will try to beat you?

Following the presumption that they are allowed to call someone a monkey and that 'monkey cannot reply'?

Miyamoto Musashi (30 posts) • -3
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I dont like using Nóngmín (农民) as an insult because, in my experience farmers and countryside people dont ever insult me or offend me in that way. They have always been polite and open minded towards me. My problem is more with tǔháo (土豪, tǔháo), or "nouveau riche" people in medium sized cities in china.

So if someone is being as insulting as possible towards me repeatedly to my face in order to show that they are 'hen gao ji' (很高级), or in other words 'superior', what can I say to them?

I have found that almost any kind of comeback results in 'da si ni', or 'beat you to death'.

dolphin (509 posts) • -1

You would starve without farmers. You can’t eat your money. Farmers are overworked and underpaid and don’t get the respect they deserve for their backbreaking work that supports us. its ignorant and obnoxious to use that an insult.

alienew (422 posts) • 0

Can't remember the last time a Chinese person insulted me (possible exception might be some passing group of kids who say 'Hello?' in a cutesy voice - just say 'hello' back in a flat voice & keep on walking, hardly a reason to take real offense). Who do you talk to, MM, and what kind of attitude do you carry around with you? 'Nongmin', when used as an insult, is a CLASS-based insult, and seems often to be used in a disgusting way by people all over the world, thanks perhaps to the ignorance, arrogance, privilege and prejudice encouraged among many city folk.

If you must go around insulting people, or 'defending yourself' (i.e., your weak ego) against people's attitudes and words, suggest you keep your insults personal and don't drag in those based on manipulative nationalist propaganda, those of supposed class 'superiority' or ideas of 'race'. This goes for people of any nationality.

Admittedly, your insult problem, if you were recognized as Japanese here, might be worse, and undeservedly so.

Miyamoto Musashi (30 posts) • -6
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I totally agree with dolphin that saying someone is a farmer as an insult is foolish.

That kind of insult is quite similar to calling someone a 'hillbilly' in the english language.

Ignorance, arrogance, privelige and prejudice seem to be contributing factors in many of the situations in which belittling or dehumanizing language is being used worldwide but the opposite can also be said to be true.

When people are struggling financially they often feel the need to 'scapegoat' a certain group who they may consider to be diffferent or 'other'.

It can quickly escalate into something terrible. Its never a good idea to use insulting language that involves people being categorized as 'non-human'.

In and around China, everyone is calling each other different kinds of animals. Its worrying. HongKong people sometimes call mainland people 'locusts'. Mainland people call hong kong people dogs, japanese are 'devils'. From a traditional chinese perspective, all non-east asian people are 'monkeys' or 'apes' of some sort.

But when exploring the other side of things you can also find derogatory implications in english language speech describing chinese people.

For example some western people might say something like 'chinese girlfriend'. The fact that they didnt just say 'girlfriend' implies 'chinese girlfriend' is lesser than 'girlfriend'. It has implications of 'mail order bride' or 'prostitute'. Thats pretty fucking insulting. English speakers have a different, perhaps slightly more subtle way to dehumanize and belitttle.

Perhaps some of you still have problems stemming from ignorance, arrogance, privelige and prejudice after all?

Take the example of the NFL player who kneeled during the american national anthem to protest against american white supremacy. He is now featuring on Nike adverts.
Nike is a company that is known for manufacturing shoes in sweatshop factories in asia in which workers get paid 50 cents an hour, almost in slavery.

But on the surface nike seems to be 'really not racist' right now.

Its the same with apple computer products.

Dazzer (2813 posts) • 0

what? like saying french gf/english gf/american gf. if you is dating someone who is not yr nationality, then mentioning theirs is not lesser ffs

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