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Youtube Alternative without VPN

Ishmael (383 posts) • 0

I assume the placing of youtube outside the Great Firewall is merely to discourage people - especially Chinese people - from clicking on to youtube too casually, since anyone can watch youtube with a VPN and anyone can have a VPN, and anyway with or without a VPN THEY can presumably spy upon whatever you do online, if THEY want to. Thus the maintenance of the Great Firewall itself makes THEM look like pretty damn lame nannies.
Example: gokunming's current youtube series on Yunnan.

"They're going to cant and bevel you." - Scott Ezell

JanJal (868 posts) • 0

@Ishmae: "anyone can watch youtube with a VPN and anyone can have a VPN"

Not sure what that was about, but providing VPN services in China is illegal across the country (well "mainland" anyway), and in some jurisdictions in China individuals even just using VPN clients have been punished.

So, yes maybe anyone can, but so can anyone try to rob a bank or start a revolution.

And that last part is why Chinese government wants to nanny the nation.

Ishmael (383 posts) • 0

@JanJal: OK if you say so; I hadn't heard of anybody being punished for using a VPN. Anyway, if VPNs are illegal, there doesn't seem to be much effort put into doing anything about them, though I suppose there could be, and I suppose that that knowledge among VPN owners is useful to THEM in terms of mild intimidation.

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