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Ctrip bloody hell

alienew (422 posts) • 0

What is it with these people? I've done this before, it worked. Now I find the flight I want, then they ask me to join their damn club, have a password, get an app... Christ, I've got a credit card, ready to pay them, you'd think they'd like the situation, but I can't get a screen to pay without being asked to jump through a lot of hoops.

MrPink (25 posts) • 0

First of all, it's not a club, it's an account that they want to use to track and spam you, among other things. But there is a long and short answer to your question. The long answer is it is a battle for data and the one who gets the most data wins. The short is it doesn't matter because we already know what you are up to, Alien.

iTeach (96 posts) • 0

dazzer,, you've read Animal Farm,, you get the idea and some answers.

l4dybug (89 posts) • 0


Qunar has always been cheaper than Ctrip for flight deals. Qunar APP will automatically alert you of the best deals and/or when fares have dropped to your designated price.

As for hotel bookings, don't bother with Ctrip. Take advantage of current Booking.com promotion.

Get US$25 (162CNY) off every hotel booking worth over US$50 (~324CNY) for participating hotels using referral link:


alienew (422 posts) • 0

I have just managed, I think, to book a flight ticket with Ctrip. Although I freely admit my incompetence with twinky electronic internet 'things', I should mention that it is very strongly driven by my great hatred of dealing with twinky electronic number-driven password-accessed texts masquerading as communications between human beings, and that this hatred is augmented by every pretend-communication I have with soul-dead twinky electronic 'things'. May you all accommodate better in your dealings within what is an increasingly inanimate manipulative control-freak life form. I remain alien to it, & vice versa.
Otherwise, I feel fine.

michael2015 (784 posts) • 0

@alienew - consider using tabao, tmall, or jd.com travel instead.

As for me - I used a spam email account specifically for signing up with these kinds of spam companies - so don't care aside from the fact that occasionally my email account gets associated with a credit card (on the seller's side).

MrPink (25 posts) • 0

I think I'm going to call bullshit on that. I remember the old days when everyone had to memorize a number if you wanted to call anyone you had to remember the number or you were out of luck. Back in those days they had these big massive paper books with thousands/millions of these tiny numbers and and if you wanted your number listed you had to give your address that was then published so anyone could see it. Talk about the dark ages.

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