Two things...

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If anybody can help, it'd be greatly appreciated....

1) Is there anywhere I can learn how to box in Kunming?
2) Is there a decent dentist in the Wuhua, Green Park area that anyone can recommend? Also, a steam room and sauna if anyone knows :)


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@Liumingke1234 - The purpose of enjoyment, sport, self-defense, meeting people, having fun, cultural interaction, contact building, building bridges, a few bruises, future prospects and a good laugh. I might even keep the dentist busy.

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Ha.Ha. I thought you meant "to box" as in to box your clothes or something of that a nature. Silly of me. Ha.ha. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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I know the gym on the top 6th floor of the Aegean mall (guangfu lu) gives boxing lessons. The trainer is quite a good guy and well versed in fighting arts as he just got a few golds at province level this week fighting wise, not sure the sport this week but definitely know he does boxing lessons.

Funnily enough there is a (think German) dentist opposite the gym on that floor. Maybe the trainers passing on a few customers lol.

All this is Kunming but if your living in the green park area maybe a bit out of reach.

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I don't know if it's still there as it's been a few years since I checked it out, but Ring Kings on renmin zhong is a dedicated boxing gym. Seemed pretty legit.

Other than that, theres a place called Zyng or Zynga (something like that) at Nanya that does boxing and muay thai. You pay up front for a batch of classes. My gym at Nanya also has a decent room for training ont he pads with 2 heavy bags. No ring though. Sounds like the south might be out of your way, but if you ever wanted to get together and work combos, I'm down.

There's a supposedly good dental clinic on the same floor of my gym at nanya, Lanchie. There was an article on them here when they opened that was quite positive.

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