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Long story short, I wanted to join the Catholic Church on Beijing Lu and After 2 months of trying to

schedule an interview with the priest, because I needed to confess and other things.

I finally meet him and he sees me for like 3 minutes and then schedules another date but says, don't call us, we'll call you.

Needless to say I never hear from him again and he doesn't answer my messages. Guess I've been rejected.
Does anyone know another Catholic Church, yes if not "Patriotic", even better, please PM me.

Dazzer (2800 posts) • +2

guess he doesnt want to deal with forigners. no point complaining to the pope as the dont recognize him either.

Geezer (1893 posts) • +1

Maybe it is all that paperwork that has to be done after hearing a foreigner's confession. Or maybe the cameras have not been installed yet.

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your sins are too big,your nation is pagan and you guys used to drop weak babies from the cliffs..only hell s bells for you, poenitentiam agite!!

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As a former, long since lapsed Catholic I have to say I am shocked that a church that uses the name turns away a believer because of their nationality. The word Catholic derives from the Greek word meaning universal, that is to say for everyone, regardless of origin. Although I am no longer a member, one of the attributes of the church I admire is its internationalism. If the word patriotic in its title means for Chinese only, this church is failing in its duty.

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Geezer may well be right, and I agree with cloudtrapezer about the issue of internationalism - or should we substitute the doctrine of nationalism (either as the doctrine that the species is irretrievably and metaphysically divided into nations or that any one nation is an entity demanding religious or pseudo-religious recognition as a matter of Faith) for Catholicism? I don't think so. But note that I hold no particular brief for the Pope or papacy either.

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@cloud... I am not sure if you know, but the Catholic church in China answers to Beijing, not Rome. The bishops are appointed by Beijing and are not recognized by Rome. There are many restrictions on the freedom of religion in The Big C. Which does not recognize the authority of the Holy See.

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It's not a real Catholic church. It's there because of sinner donations. Of which there is a huge market.

Alien (3819 posts) • -1

@ vicar: I don't get what you mean by 'sinner donations' or the existence of a huge market of them. I gather 'not a real' Catholic church means because it doesn't recognize the pope's authority?

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A fair question and it wasn't me that down voted you Alien

A Temple Treasury

Luke 20:45-21:4

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