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Metro Store South open.

jopasny (181 posts) • 0

Can you use a card from the other metro for this one, or does it require a separate account? I heard you couldn't, but don't really believe it.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

Good question. My wife uses her phone. You don't need to carry the card anymore.

redjon777 (560 posts) • 0

It's also got some other shops in building progress next to it like Decathlon, KFC etc.

Been told the Decathlon's good for larger sportswear sizes than you'd normally get in China ;o)

tigertiger - moderator (5092 posts) • +1

Chinese people in my wife's hometown are getting very fat. No KFC, no McD.

The healthy traditional Chinese diet that people go on about was due to smaller portions, less oil, little added sugar, smaller portions of rice, and a more active lifestyle. People actually cycled or walked to work, and in the fields the work was hard.

Today, I see cakes, rice, more rice, oil, sugar, more carbs, bigger portions, and eating between meals. Balanced with a sedentary lifestyle.

In the west fast foods and convenience foods, are part of the problem (too much bread, KFC, cake, pop tarts, etc.) In China convenience and fast food is part of the problem (cake, mixia, shaokao).
In both food cultures larger portions sizes and grazing are also predominant.
I only really see the older generation taking any exercise, annoying as the 'dama' are.
I have heard parents say, if a child is hungry feed it. I a child is studying feed their brain. Don't let children play and run around, if they break their arm they will miss school and hurt their grades.

KFC and McD are easy targets, and blaming them for obesity is a bit short sighted. Even the government here doesn't blame them.

In short, the reason for obesity anywhere in the world, is too much food, too many carbs and not enough exercise. I am guilty of all three, and yes I am a fat bastard.

AlPage48 (1294 posts) • 0

Good point Tiger.
I've noticed an huge change during the relatively short time since I first came to Kunming (9 years ago).
Back then I saw very few cars, some e-bikes, and many pedal bicycles. Now the numbers are reversed.

When we actually moved here in 2010 I did lose quiet a bit of my western weight in the first year. I now attribute that to the fact that we lived in an apartment on the 6th floor with no elevator. That resulted in frequent exercise, which I don't get now with the new location and elevator.

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