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Searching for University Job Offers

ultm8 (5 posts) • 0

Hi Everyone,

Am looking to move to Yunnan. I currently work in Fuzhou university (Teaching spoken English) and am thinking for a change in environment.

Can anyone advise on teaching jobs at Universities in Yunnan.



tigertiger - moderator (5096 posts) • +2

My initial thoughts.
They usually recruit around April/May for the following October. If you are thinking about switching mid year, it may be that Fuzhou are unwilling to release you. I am assuming your contract is for the academic year.
If you fail to complete a contract with one university, others may be reluctant to take you. It is a small world.

ultm8 (5 posts) • 0

Hi TigerTiger,

Am planning to finish my contract (Academic year) as normal (I've completed every single contract here for the last 6 years, I'm a good teacher ;), just gathering information at the moment, as time fly's quick and I like options.

I won't need a placement until September/October time, but I don't know the universities in Yunnan area and am hoping some teachers in this forum can help in choices.

You're right it is a small world

michael2015 (779 posts) • +2

As you didn't specify Kunming, here's the list of universities in Yunnan:


If you want to live in the capital, Kunming - living expenses would naturally be significantly higher than the other prefectural level cities with universities. Yuxi is one of the fastest growing cities in China, so expect lots of construction (and dust), but "newer" stuff.

My personal recommendation would be to get your feet wet in Kunming at any of the larger universities, such as Yunnan University (the only state level uni), Kunming University of Science & Technology (which I think is actually larger than Yunda in student enrollment), Yunnan Minorities University, etc.

Depending on WHERE you teach in Kunming, you MAY be exiled to the university town outside of the main city, but it's a short trip but laborious trip into town to savor the many excellent expat venues listed on this website.

Once you're here - suggest you use your free time to explore the other prefectural level cities and visit the universities on your off days, to see which cities and universities (and students) may suit your tastes.

Most of the major universities run satellite campuses and have college and vocational etc branches in other cities.

You MAY want to also look at the many high schools, that occasionally recruit - the workload is much heavier, but they also sometimes more competitively.

If you enjoy moonlighting - there's also a plethora of after-schools throughout the province, both legally licensed (they pay taxes) and the "non-registered", which recruit aggressively for K-12, professionals, etc, not to mention the private tutoring opportunities for one-on-ones and smaller groups, which I'll assume you're familiar with, as you've been in the field for six years.

Bear in mind - about half of Yunnan is at 2000 meters altitude or higher, so do a general wikipedia on the cities if weather might be an issue for you.

Xishuangbanna might be nice, for its tropical climate, generally slower pace of life, and proximity to the South Asia borders, if traveling around is on your agenda. You can reasonably access Vietnam, Myanmar, etc for day trips - but check your geography - however there are relatively inexpensive buses that go everywhere.

This entire province is a heavy domestic tourist province with about half of 50+ China's minorities strongly represented here - so lots of minority cultures, languages, and people groups to explore.

You MAY want to expand your search to Guangxi before or after you arrive.

Guangxi is also a progressive province (depending on one's definition of progressive), but at a lower altitude. The winters in Yunnan are generally short, but can be blistering cold, because of the altitude and wind chill factors, not to mention the lack of humidity.

Best wishes in your relocation search!

tigertiger - moderator (5096 posts) • 0

Micheal makes a good point about several of the Kunming unis sending you down to Chenggong new area. Not a bad place to live, but inconvenient for the city.
There is also a university campus in Dali, just outside the old town. There is also a medical uni in Songming (perhaps a place to be avoided), that advertises on here.

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

utm8: Best you come look on the ground for a week or so, see how the place is, though you should inquire about available jobs at universities or wherever first because of hiring dates.
As for cold in winter, it's not all that cold, but of course the apartments are unheated, and after a few years you get annoyed by the cold days in winter (usually snows about twice a winter, usually doesn't stay on the ground for more than a few hours, though last winter there was more). There's not that much wind, so I don't think much of any wind chill. Maybe some people are affected by the 2000-meter altitude of Kunming and Dali, but I don't know anybody who has a serious problem with it. Usual relatively low humidity, which I don't notice either much, moderates the cold, doesn't accentuate it, though of course when it snows the humidity is higher. I don't know Fuzhou, but Taipei winters are wetter than here, more humid and, for me anyway, more of a nuisance.

AlexKMG (2385 posts) • 0

Blow a months salary on seafood before leaving Fuzhou. Other than that, Kunming is a nicer city and climate. No shortage of unis in this town or the nearby new town, so really doubt you can't find a placement.

ultm8 (5 posts) • 0

Thanks everyone for your feedback.

@Micheal2015 that was exactly my thinking, picking Kunming (or Dali) to live and work in a city with convenience and then in my spare time tour the prefectural areas. Normally teaching at university gives you plenty of time for one on one tutoring jobs + hobbies :))

@tigertiger Chenggong, how far exactly is that out of the city? Is it possible to ebike it into the city center and back (one charge)?

@Alien I did visit Yunnan during the last spring festival and loved it. I didn't think it was overly cold. I went to Dali, Lijiang and Kunming. I understand the cold weather with no heating in the building issue though. This is also the case in Fuzhou too. It does suck, especially as the humidity is high here which makes it chillier in my mind + the occasional wind chill doesn't help. The 2000+ elevation didn't seem to bother me either, I think your body naturally adapts after a few days or at least a few weeks.

@Kevlar HAHA! Of course I was just testing your reading skills ;))

@Dazzer :))

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