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Romantic Dinner Places

Haali (1178 posts) • +2

When I think romantic I think quiet, pleasant surroundings and polite and efficient service. Not many places in Kunming like that as far as I know. I haven't been inside, but the Intercontinental looks might fit the bill. It's in a quiet part of town and has very large grounds. It will be expensive, but after 15 years together you should splash out.

tigertiger - moderator (5096 posts) • +2

There is also this restaurant at the top of the Sofitel tower. Perhaps you can book a window table that overlooks the city at night. If so you may need to book well ahead, and if you tell them it is an anniversary there may be other benefits the hotel can offer.

Haali (1178 posts) • +1

My wife and I had dinner at the Sofitel a couple of weeks ago, we weren't very impressed with the food

GracieMei (34 posts) • +2

@kingofthekerb- maybe McDonald's is your idea of romantic, but it definitely isn't mine! (sigh)

@Haali & tigertiger- thanks for your input.

I appreciate it!


nnoble (889 posts) • +2

Hire a cabin, lodge in a (truly) scenic area: mountain, lake, valley, and take stuff for a barbecue including favourite wine, chocolates and flowers.

Go for a long leisurely walk.......

Just dreaming.

AlPage48 (1355 posts) • +2

I like Fireside at the Crowne Plaza. It's a bit pricey, very nice, and quite central if you don't live in the south.

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