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goldie122 (645 posts) • 0

Does anyone pay someone to clean their house or know what a fair rate is? I was thinking about having someone clean maybe once per week but it may take all day to get it all done. Is there an hourly rate?

tigertiger - moderator (5085 posts) • 0

Ignore the idiots making non contributory posts. Finding a good part time Ayi is not easy. You will have to try a few before you are content . I am not sure what the going rate is now, two years ago it was 20-30 per hour. Some were asking more than a teacher gets paid, for basically unskilled labor. They usually work on a schedule like x hours a time x times per week. They will often work a couple of longer periods at the beginning to bring the house up to scratch.
Avoid the guilt trip of paying too much to the impoverished local. They aren't that poor, and minimum wage is around 7/hr.
There was a thread on this about 2 years ago.

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

I don't follow: you mean 7rmb an hour is minimum wage? Is this a law, and to whom does it apply? Or are you just saying that this is about the least one can pay for a house cleaner?

goldie122 (645 posts) • 0

Maybe 25 per hour sounds fair. Although in the past, I've never really been satisfied with cleaners. Furniture never moved to clean and such. Besides an agency, how do you go about finding someone?

Geezer (1930 posts) • 0

FYI: Minimum wages are set by regions in China. This might be helpful. Yunnan and Kunming rates are given.

I seriously doubt many local folk know about minimum wage or labor laws. There might be an enforcement problem.

Anning and Kunming: 1420 per month/12 per hour

Certain counties under the jurisdiction of Kunming: 1400 per month/14 per hour

tigertiger - moderator (5085 posts) • 0

@Geezer, thanks for the link
Minimum wage has gone up a lot since it was first introduced not so long ago.
You would be surprised how savvy people are about labor laws. But there is an enforcement problem, and I am sure that the locals know about it. All local staff I have ever worked with, in several different provinces, knew very well what what their rights were. If you don't believe me, try getting people to do anything that is not in their job descriptions. Some will, most will just say yes, and then ignore you.

michael2015 (677 posts) • 0

I recently noticed a poster on Salvador's front door or thereabouts - Salvadors also provides cleaning services.

Just make sure you provide a checklist for them to follow, to include cleaning under sofas, beds, tables, chairs (moving movable furniture), laundry (instructions for separating whites from colors). etc ad infinitum.

Then they can just check off the list as they go through your home. Expecting a poorly educated peasant to resemble a trained professional hotel maid is an invitation for disappointment.

Geezer (1930 posts) • 0

@tigertiger: You could be right but when I went out shopping on holidays, I was amazed at all those shop assistants getting paid triple time.

McD, KFC, Pizza Hut all pay 3X on holidays. Carrefour was busted a few years ago for failing to do so.

If China enforced work hours, overtime pay, and outlawed only one or two days off each month, more people would have jobs. The laws are good, enforcement sucks.

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