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Local Micro Breweries

DayTrader (37 posts) • 0

Hello all:

I am a beer enthusiast with several years of professional experience in the beer industry. Nice to meet you all.

I saw in another post, the mention of local microbreweries. Could someone perhaps tell me the names and locations of any Kunming microbreweries that are owned and run by Chinese people? Thank you!

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • 0

I did't know Shanggrila brewery was owned and run by Chinese? The white dude I've met doesn't look at all Chinese.
Arguably all of the micro-brews I know of, with one exception, have some Chinese partners. But are run by westerners.
The exception is the guy who brews small batches in small tubs at his restaurant. There was an article on here a couple of years back.

Darryl (31 posts) • 0

The bath tub guy now runs Beer Bug I think? It's a big system in a pub hidden inside an industrial estate just North of the zoo. Still very much bath tub beer though, including the soapy bathwater taste.

Uncle John's is the only microbrewery in town that's Chinese owned and run and making actual beer:[...]

There's another Chinese owned place that's going to be opening soon called YunBrew, in the 108 factory district off of 缅甸大道.

The only other breweries in town are Humdinger and Valhalla, with foreigners doing the brewing.

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