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Flowers in bloom

Lisey (14 posts) • 0

There was a picture in China Daily today of 600 000 tulips in bloom in Kunming. Does anyone know which park that is, and where, at the moment, we could go to see cherry blossoms and other flowers in bloom in Kunming?

Sssssummer (1 post) • 0

the park has tulips, it's Chinese name is lao yu hu shi di gong yuan (捞渔湖湿地公园),the park near the Cheng gong. about the flowers of cherry, you can go to Yuantong shan(圆通山).

GoK Moderator (5096 posts) • 0

Laoyuhe and Daguan parks are famous for tulips, if memory serves. But that is February and March. The picture in the article is dated March 9, even if the article is dated last week.

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

Tulips have been exported from Yunnan to the Netherlands for at least 10 years. Dutch traders.
Actually, I think it's just the bulbs that are exported.

Wendy528 (18 posts) • 0

Currently osmanthus have been in bloom throughout Kunming this month. These flowers of sweet scented fragrance from trees are called gui hua (桂花).

zhl123 (10 posts) • 0

My friend in Wenchuan said the fields are also beautiful now. It is truly an amaizing time in nature.

fabey (124 posts) • 0

For weeks now, jacaranda (蓝花楹) trees have been brimming with purple flower petals, now welcoming wuyi holiday travellers. Even a giant lavender petal consisting of 600 drones lit up Wuhua pedestrian street last night around 20:30. The 16-minute light show in the sky, like a squadron of UFO invaders, may be an one-off performance.

livinginchina (232 posts) • 0

So beautiful to see these flowers bloom. It's amazing that they can coordinate that many drones. Image if they were to use that many in wartime. God helps us all.

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