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Laundromat in Kunming

AlexisESL (10 posts) • 0

Hi I am looking for a laundromat that has dryers (I have bed bugs) in the Kunming area. I came across a thread from a few years ago and was wondering if anyone has been there or could recommend another place. Thanks!

"There is a laundry located in a laneway, between 275 & 277 Beijing Lu, opposite the he ping cun bus stop."

Napoleon (1187 posts) • 0

Look for a 洗衣店 on Baidu Map around your way. They usually all have big industrial driers.

TheSmiddy (10 posts) • 0

I also have the same problem, well not the bed bugs, but the need for a laundromat. I searched for laundry (洗衣店) on baidu and all I can find are places that charge per item. My load is going to cost ¥450!!

Is the best option to just go to a hostel and see if I can use their machines for ¥10-¥15 as if I am staying there?

The upland is ¥10 for a wash (plus ¥1 for detergent), ¥10 per half hour of dryer

The hump is ¥15 for a wash including detergent, no dryer.

I've checked all the other threads and it seems like a stock standard self service or wash by the kilogram service doesn't exist? There's a thousand of them in Shanghai so you'd think there'd be a few here.

michael2015 (732 posts) • +1

We have an expensive washer/dryer combo (Panasonic). The dryer has never worked properly (probably an altitude thing. One of the problems is it takes a ≥7kg load but can only dry 3.5kg (duh) and SOMEONE overloads it regularly.

To get around utterly useless service guy - we bought a soft closet which comes with an external hot air blower (like a big hair dryer). I still use the W/D combo to tumble the dried clothes to "soften them up".


They typically sell for ≥CNY 200+ but with the double 11 holiday coming up - you might be able to get a deal. Your laundry may still come out stiff (as though it's starched) as Kunming water seems rather exceptionally harsh.

We also bought some lavender water online (hit or miss on this one as some lavender water we've bought smells more like some kind of noxious weeds) which adds a nice natural lavender scent to your laundry.

The air dryer can also be used to quickly heat up your room in winter - just beware the electricity bills and the rapid dehumidifier side effects.

Wifey also likes to hand wash a lot of clothes as she claims our expensive low-water washing machine doesn't wash our clothes clean (because SOMEONE overloads it - it's a side loader and SOMEONE loads it like a top-loader).

For heavy laundry items such as bath towels and sheets - you'll have to "flip" the laundry inside a few times to dry the "insides".

I don't believe any bed bug can survive inside that sauna...

Hope this helps.

lemon lover (956 posts) • +3


Thermonuclear devices work against bedbugs but they are a bit hard to get hold of.
I did a search on Taobao but nothing popped up.

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