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Forums > Study > Studying Health in Kunming

Hi guys! I'm currently researching things I can study at the universities in Chenggong. I am interested in studying health and nutrition (next September, once I pass HSK 5 :P ), but I'm only seeing

more traditional doctor/nurse type degrees.

I am also open to Chinese medicine courses, especially acupuncture and massage, but not sure where to look.

I'm just looking for advice on where to look. I'm not sure what studying Chinese medicine entails so if anyone has any recommendations or can share their experience please let me know!

Thank you!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Teaching Economics recomendations

Hi I was wondering if anyone has experience teaching economics to high schoolers in China. I am currently planning a curriculum, but I'm not sure what to expect as far as English comprehension, so it's very difficult to pick a book. If anyone can offer advice or recommendations I would greatly appreciate it!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Best places to travel in Yunnan now

Looking to plan a little trip between now and the 23rd in southern/western Yunnan, ideally making our way towards Guilin/Guangxi province. We want to go there via train or bus, breaking the journey there up a bit.

I was thinking about going to Jianshui, Xishuangbanna but looking for some general advice. Thanks:)


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