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Kunming Taxi Service Is Very Good

Otto Melon (46 posts) • 0

Since you're new here, it's understandable that with your northern ways you're not familiar with some of the house rules we have down here. Let me enlighten you.
Firstly, there is no such thing as off topic, unless you start a thread yourself and it doesn't follow the house rules. Clearly since your opening salvo was to say something positive about Kunming taxis, it is YOU who were off topic to begin with.

However, to your credit you have very quickly adapted to the puerile name calling which is the main form of entertainment in these backwater parts.
It is understandable that if you say the sort of things Matt would say you will be accused of being Matt. In fact, calling anyone Matt automatically wins the argument, and you automatically lose. Now that certain posters think you might be Matt, everything you say, however reasonable, will be mocked. There is no way back from this. The only thing you can do is choose a new user name and say bad things about China.
Finally, if you want to make a convincing argument, you must be able to back up what you say using a video from disclose.tv. It doesn't really matter how illogical or silly your argument is – so long as it involves some kind of anti-American conspiracy theory, you're onto a winner.
Hope this helps. But I'm guessing you won't be around for lorng.

forlorn (68 posts) • 0

Otto, not worth it. There are other places to post on the internet. Best of luck to you all.

Otto Melon (46 posts) • 0

No, no! Don't go! This forum needs someone who sees China through rose-tinted spectacles! Your ridiculous comments about Kunming taxis being good actually got me bothered enough to make a post for the first time in months! Please stay and entertain me some more!

Geezer (1934 posts) • 0

@forlorn: Matt, before you edited your post, I was going to point out you asked me the same question in one of you earlier incarnations. Be that as it may, this is a forum a place for discussion but you find a trollish need to refer persons, who are discussing a topic, as "Obsessing about problems," and then "foreigners here seem to have hundreds of debilitating problems," there by, arguably, you characterize others as somehow defective whence compared to your perfection.

Consistent, is your Matt-like ability to produce absurd statements and attribute those absurdities to those you engage in debate. Obsessing, thinking about something unceasingly or persistently is you ad hominem contribution to the discussion.

I, for one, have often been refused pickup by Kunming taxis. Sometimes it is just a wave off but often it was after the driver learned of my destination. Perhaps if I had a big head, I too would never have problem catching a taxi ride.

fixitwithahammer (165 posts) • 0

If people think the general service of Kunming taxi's is great, I am really happy for them. And if those people think language is the problem or we [the group of people disagreeing] are paranoid or whatnot, I am O.K. with it.

There are tons of local websites, travel review pages, etc. that prove that it's not just a few foreigners RANTING or HATING China.

I like China, but does that mean, that we can not say one obviously-negative thing about it. When my wife's friends hang out they are always talking about, bad services, rising prices, people treating each other badly for no obvious reason, talking about some [not all] western countries and they way they treat each other. And that China is failing in their attempts to copy it, because they haven't grasped the essence of the problem. E.g. liberalized education, shifts in society, nobody says that Chinese are worse people.
The majority of people doesn't care unless it's a pengyou, to an extend that they dehumanize others.

And that echoes back even into the service industry. It's not that inconceivable.

That said there are small groups, whom we usually have around us, friends and people that are good and nice [by our standards] and IMO, these people are worth all the troubles and inconveniences. But as I said Chinese complain about China, so should I socially exclude myself, or lie to my friends, pretend to like the particular issue?
So, what is the right way to fit in?
Do as the Romans do, or just pretend everything is splendid.

I really don't get the oversensitive feeling of some foreigners, who think becoming part of one culture is by being quiet and accept everything as it is, even if the culture is trying to change and move forward. No offense but it is lazy in my book.

I am not marching the street with sign, saying I HATE CHINA, OR ALL CABBIES ARE BAD.

I think Kunming cabbies are crap and I think CD cabbies are fantastic, or SH drivers. Really that hateful and rant...-y?

I tell the people that piss me off, or break their own rules, in a nice and polite manner. Some take it well and surprise me with a smile and agreement, But most people go into stubborn-donkey mode, accusing, cursing etc.
That's the only way things will ever change. I tell them that I am sad that my disagreement makes them so uncomfortable and that, the effort of making me a satisfied customer, is overreaching his or her ability of conducting his service. That's it!

I don't agree with forlorn or Matt's opinion often, I personally think overly agreeing with China, or taking everything for, 'It's how it always was- and always should be' as a way of coping with the way China impacts everyone. Some people hate China after a some time, or get the China-Blues, or they like a few cultural stuffs, they enjoy the language, the food [my vice], the open-booze-policy, etc.

But there is no way that people just like everything, as it is, especially not in society. If you are growing up in a Western country, with philosophical ancient Greek roots, [who are pretty awesome, if not corrupted by governments] or even int Chinese roots, beyond Confucianism. There will be things that will, PISS YOU OFF. Relax, so do your Chinese friends.

So in my opinion it is a coping mechanism to justify staying in a country that still does the cruelest things of mankind.
But you don't have to. Relax, you can live happily in a country and society that is generally cruel, because most Chinese disagree and hate the cancers of society,too.
They hate it as much as we do, because we are all humans. And we all have the same urges and needs.


So, busting everyone on the forum that is in the LOVE CHINA phase, I don't agree with. We all have trolled, willingly or not. So if it's Matt or Forlorn, or whoever, I don't mind or care.

We are already categorizing people and as soon as they disagree we call them Matt, or paranoid. If it's his point of view, alright! If it's a defending China from the invisible forces of ranting, alright!
If it's trolling and getting his adrenaline kick, alright with me,too!

Bullying him, will not make out lives better and shutting people up has never been good for anyone, so Forlon, I strongly disagree with you, but I don't mind you haveing a different opinion, or if you are trolling for doing so.

No offense we are a small TOWN in China, and I love gokunming, but it's not exactly the Huffington post [god bless] and things here are slow in good old Yunnan, so if not Forlon doing his thing, we would read about other equally slow-Yunnan-stuff. Plus, if he is trolling, we all took the bait?

I will still continue exposing the things that I disagree with according to its own rules.

If I am a colonialist, I don't care my Chinese friends do it, too. That way I am a real pert of society.

So, as I posted before. KM cabs are terrible in compare to other cities or drivers, if you like the service, great! You never had issues with the driver or service, or a rejected service, while red meter light is on? You are lucky, there are people that fly through life with dufflebags full of luck.
I am happy for you.

In terms of services provided, I had less luck, but more luck with other things. Works for me!

Back to [off]-topic. I totally agree with the bus post of HCAMPO. Most bus drivers in Kunming are kicka**, although they seem sometimes very aggressive towards scooter drivers and pedestrians. But yeah they way the 187 line fumbles through the Yuantongsi hill alleys, towards Zhengyifang, without killing anyone or crashing the whole thing, is impressive.

There are beautiful things in Yunnan everywhere, so give people a little room to complain and point out the things that are not so great, greater awareness - higher chance for changes.

Peter99 (1246 posts) • 0

Heres a theory:

If you dont get along with the majority of Kunming cabdrivers - say roughly over 70% of them - you dont get along with your relatives, colleagues and neighbors either.

Lots of these noisy people out there, so its no big deal. The Kunming cabdrivers are sort of a "personality test". You can judge your own "asshole measurement" through them.

Dazzer (2806 posts) • 0

wtf. so if you think km cabs are crap it is coz you come form a disfunctional family.?

Peter99 (1246 posts) • 0

no, nobody said so daz, and it waz a theory. same if u got lot confrontasion with da cops, maybe its not da cops bad, but your own badass as the ass magnet.

This is just a theory that those who got too much trouble with kunming cabdrivers are assholes. :)

Peter99 (1246 posts) • 0

or if u get in bar fights every secund evening, there must be sum fuckin reason for that.

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