Kunming Taxi Service Is Very Good https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12183/kunming-taxi-service-is-very-good Kunming Taxi Service Is Very Good - GoKunming Forum Fri, 23 Oct 2020 06:56:50 +0800 Kunming Taxi Service Is Very Good - Post by forlorn https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12183/kunming-taxi-service-is-very-good?page=8#post-73268 I used to live in Beijing, and the taxis there are very iffy at best. There, I was kidnapped and extorted by a taxi driver, refused many times, drive the long way many times, cursed… Sat, 18 Jul 2015 19:04:32 +0800 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12183/kunming-taxi-service-is-very-good?page=8#post-73268 Kunming Taxi Service Is Very Good - Post by yankee00 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12183/kunming-taxi-service-is-very-good?page=8#post-73269 Which idiot is going to catch that bait first? Suspens...… Sat, 18 Jul 2015 19:39:07 +0800 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12183/kunming-taxi-service-is-very-good?page=8#post-73269 Kunming Taxi Service Is Very Good - Post by forlorn https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12183/kunming-taxi-service-is-very-good?page=8#post-73270 What "bait"? Have you lived in many Chinese cities? The taxhhis here are really good compared to many cities, dude.… Sat, 18 Jul 2015 19:41:23 +0800 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12183/kunming-taxi-service-is-very-good?page=8#post-73270 Kunming Taxi Service Is Very Good - Post by laofengzi https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12183/kunming-taxi-service-is-very-good?page=8#post-73271 lets make a movie...."Dude, Wheres my… Sat, 18 Jul 2015 19:44:35 +0800 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12183/kunming-taxi-service-is-very-good?page=8#post-73271 Kunming Taxi Service Is Very Good - Post by nnoble https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12183/kunming-taxi-service-is-very-good?page=8#post-73272 You've not been kidnapped here, therefore the taxi service is very good. Charitable of you not to set the bar too high.… Sat, 18 Jul 2015 20:14:56 +0800 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12183/kunming-taxi-service-is-very-good?page=8#post-73272 Kunming Taxi Service Is Very Good - Post by forlorn https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12183/kunming-taxi-service-is-very-good?page=8#post-73273 nnoble, to the contrary, I find the taxi service here objectively good. Do you disagree?… Sat, 18 Jul 2015 20:20:31 +0800 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12183/kunming-taxi-service-is-very-good?page=8#post-73273 Kunming Taxi Service Is Very Good - Post by nnoble https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12183/kunming-taxi-service-is-very-good?page=8#post-73274 After a decade here I've learnt to work around the clear deficiencies in the system as a whole and so I'm 'content'. However, I read about the experience of others, living in different areas of… Sat, 18 Jul 2015 20:39:06 +0800 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12183/kunming-taxi-service-is-very-good?page=8#post-73274 Kunming Taxi Service Is Very Good - Post by forlorn https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12183/kunming-taxi-service-is-very-good?page=8#post-73275 nnoble, if you have a problem with me, send me a private message, instead of clogging up the forum with your personal attack BS.

And if you think that the Kunming taxi system is "objectively…
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Kunming Taxi Service Is Very Good - Post by Xiefei https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12183/kunming-taxi-service-is-very-good?page=8#post-73276 I have two main issues with the taxi drivers here: the difficulty of actually finding one who will take you somewhere, and their infuriating habit of changing shifts during peak hours.

The second one is…
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Kunming Taxi Service Is Very Good - Post by forlorn https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12183/kunming-taxi-service-is-very-good?page=8#post-73277 Xiefei, I agree about the shift changes during peak hours. That can be frustrating. But I have never had a taxi driver refuse to take me somewhere. Where have they refused to drive you to?… Sat, 18 Jul 2015 21:01:23 +0800 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12183/kunming-taxi-service-is-very-good?page=8#post-73277