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Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking for foam "mattress" shop

DaShangHui 大商汇 market, off QianXingLu 前兴路, off GuangFuLu 广福路

From DianChiLu end, take GuangFuLu, go past Aegean, past the overpass, turn left onto QianXingLu. (If you get to the new Metro on the right of GuangFulLu you have gone a little too far.)

On QianXingLu, after about 300m turn right onto ShangHuiLu, and you are in the DaShangHui fabric market area. Look out for the bus stop (end of the line for the 181), cross the canal, then turn left onto HuiShangLu, following the canal on your left. After about 200m you've gone as far as you can go on this road. Turn right onto a slightly larger road, HuiYunLu. You will see the foam shop about 50m on your left.

Foam of all thicknesses and densities. Owner is friendly and helpful and will deliver.

If the following link works for you, I would say it is directly opposite DingLi Business Department:[...]

Forums > Living in Kunming > cant be bothered with a price

I'll buy some stuff from you. I'll give you 17 for it. I'll throw in some of my stuff as well if you'd like. If you leave the stuff lying around outside somewhere, I'll pick it up when I go past. Thanks.


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