Things to do in the rain

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So the family have come to visit Kunming for 3 days - and it looks like it's going to rain for all of them! None of the things we have plan are all that great for wet weather so I'm looking for ideas.
Does anyone have suggestions of things to do in Kunming (or surrounds - day trips are ok) on rainy days for a family including 2 teenage boys?

Other than eat - we've got that covered!

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NB - Low key ideas are welcome too. They had a great and busy time in Bangkok and are off to Dali and Lijiang in the week, so are happy for Kunming to include some down time.

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Wonders of yunnan dance show? I havent seen it yet.
tea tour (there used to be a tea museum someplace but it seems disapeaed now?)
Double decker tour bus
shoot pool for a few hours
Sell umbrellas

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By the way, what kind of things had you planned originally? Would be nice to hear how some of you entertain guests from abroad.

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Go have lunch at a nice restaurant on Green Lake (there's a great hot pot place), then walk it off around the lake. It will be a rare occasion when there isn't people and noise everywhere.

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Heller - we kind of like the people and noise! A nice change from where they live in Australia (which is suburban / borderline country - so it's pretty quiet!)
Faraday - we were going to keep it pretty simple. Bird and Flower Market, Yuantong Temple, and Yunnan Provincial Zoo were the main things. Maybe Xishan / West Gate.

Does anyone know whether the market still operates in the rain?

(I have a baby so though we've been here 4 months I'm usually home in the rain!)

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try the Museum of Urban Planning in Toudong Rd, excellent visions of Kunming in 30 years; Railway Museum and tea market nearby for tasting tea, they are always open

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