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Forums > Living in Kunming > Paris under attack

You guys seem to need some counselling in anger management...
To me it does not really look the moment for petty fighting, even if the issues are serious.
A Syrian and Egyptian passport have been found with the attackers, and a French national has been identified. Syrian passports can be boucht anywhere in Turkey and elsewhere for some hundred dollars. In Germany there are currently 250.000 people, mostly Syrians, who have entered the country unregistered.

My message is, perhaps this is not (yet) the moment for entertaining conspiracy theories but for morning and expressing sympathy with those suffering.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Things to do in the rain

try the Museum of Urban Planning in Toudong Rd, excellent visions of Kunming in 30 years; Railway Museum and tea market nearby for tasting tea, they are always open


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Reading your excellent article in neighbouring Phnom Penh. Suggest you come over for some biking lessons on how to flow purposefully through chaos. It actually not that much different in the rest of Asia, except for the growing aggressiveness of drivers, that frightening unique in China.


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