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Forums > Living in Kunming > Re: "Looking for highly professional teacher" ad

I wasn't 'stinking' about your 'stuff' at all. I was merely agreeing with the OP and expressing my opinion that that the salary is low.

As i mentioned earlier, 100 Yuan per hour in the current climate for teaching in China is now considered low by most teachers.

My major issue was that you insisted that it 'was very good pay', when in fact i'd wager that if you put it to most teachers with experience, they'd say quite the opposite. Ask around though, maybe i'm wrong.

We can agree to disagree.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Re: "Looking for highly professional teacher" ad

With respect, i'm not going to get into how much money i make.

My original point was simply that 100 Yuan per hour is low for a 'highly professional' and 'extraordinary' teacher.

Those genuinely professional and extraordinary teachers are likely those with years of experience, and their salary should reflect that expertise. For me, 100 yuan per hour isn't a fair reflection. You say it is. I disagree. End of story.

Again, i wish you the best of luck.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Re: "Looking for highly professional teacher" ad

'8000RMB/ for 80 hours a month is fantastic for preschool, it just is! And that's why I advertise it'.

I beg to differ. 100 Yuan per hour doing teaching of any kind simply isn't good in the current market in China. Saying 'it just is!' doesn't make it so. But i wish you the best of luck.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Re: "Looking for highly professional teacher" ad

16 hours per week, four weeks in a month, 64 hours per month. 8000/64 = 125 p/h.

If you do 18 hours per week it comes to roughly 110 Yuan p/h.

If you do 20 'working hours' as outlined in the ad, that comes to 100 Yuan per hour.

It's a poor salary however you dress it up, and so the OP was right. You'll be lucky to find anyone who'll take it as seriously as you'd like for that money. Sorry, but that there is the truth. Don't make adverts telling prospective teachers how 'very good' the salary is, when it clearly isn't.

If you want 'extraordinary' and 'highly professional' teachers, (or at least teachers who act professionally) pay them accordingly.


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Regardless of the size of the chemical dose, just look at the picture! A brick factory which looks absolutely filthy; baskets of mixian half spilling onto the floor, and a few dudes with no protective clothing on, hard at work, shedding blood, sweat and tears... all of which are likely to end up in the mixian.

The question is: how many restaurants buy from dumps like this? My guess is a lot, because it will be way cheaper than other places that refuse to cut corners to save a few kuai (of those, I doubt there's many)

That's the bottom line.

It's not far-fetched to imagine that those who eat mixian regularly, may, at some point in time, have been eating mixian made in a place like the one above, which was then cooked in gutter oil, with fake meat, or pork passed off as beef, along with vegetables that were pumped full of antibiotics and raised on water so polluted it's unfit for agricultural usage.

Now who's hungry?



Yep, 15 Yuan is much more reasonable. It's nice to see that you value your customers, Barbara, and as i said in my original review, Slice of Heaven is a great place. The Friday pizza deal is a genuine bargain, and it's a cool little place to hang out for drinks too.